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From Justin Aldridge
Spain, Thursday 09:15

Dear Spanish property buyer

Buying a property in Spain isn't something you do every day.  In fact for most people it's a very exciting "dream come true" moment in their lives.  Why?  Because property doesn't come cheap.

But if you've waited for 2 or 3 years for your property to be completed the time then comes when you need to furnish it, and no matter what route you take, furnishing your property is going to cost you a few thousand Euros on Spanish furniture.  Ouch.

You've probably already paid several thousands of your hard-earned money to purchase your property and now you have to spend a few more thousand on furniture.  But it needs to be done.

You could try going round different furniture shops yourself to see what's available, but that takes time and you won't always know exactly where to go to find the best deals.  You'll need to fit lights, curtains, etc. and need the tools to do it.

You could buy the furniture back home and have it shipped over, which is another option chosen by many people.

But, there is an easier way....

Buy a complete furniture package

A furniture package includes EVERYTHING you'll need for your property.  From the cutlery in the kitchen to the sofa in the lounge.  The furniture package company will even deliver it all to your property AND put it all in it's place.  They'll even fit the lights and make and hang the curtains.

Sounds too good to be true

It's not.  That's what these companies do every day.

So how can we help you?

With nearly 10,000 active members, we're now in a position to start negotiating discounts for our members.  And to start with we've negotiated a discount with an excellent furniture package supplier, VillaPac.

Why VillaPac?

We've had good feedback over the past few months from people who have used VillaPac.  We've met with them several times and we like what they do and how they do it.  We have to protect the reputation of Eye on Spain so we're careful who we recommend.  It's taken us 3 months to choose a reputable company that we're happy to recommend to our members.

We chose VillaPac due to their quality furniture, reasonable pricing, you can pick and choose a package (they are not fixed), excellent customer service, supply to all areas of the south of Spain and best of all...

they have 2 showrooms in the UK!

One in Bolton and the other in Milton Keynes.  No more hunting around furniture shops in your precious holiday time in Spain.  VillaPac gives you the option of choosing the furniture for your Spanish property on a rainy Saturday back home, or any day of the week.  Choose it in UK and leave it up to them to kit your property out so that it's all ready for when you next arrive in Spain. 

It does sound too good to be true but we've been really impressed with VillaPac so we're happy to recommend them to you.

But just recommending them isn't good enough for us.  Apart from the convenience factor of using VillaPac, what about saving some real money for Eye on Spain members?

That's where our large and growing membership comes into play.  We've managed to negotiate a discount for our members. 

1%...not good enough...2%...must do better...3%....losing interest.....4%....interesting......

5%...WE'LL TAKE IT!!

Yes, we've negotiated an amazingly unique 5% discount for you off of a furniture package from VillaPac.

Spend 8,000 Euros and save 400 Euros.

Spend 10,000 Euros and save 500 Euros.

You could use your saving to pay for your next set of flights out to Spain, a hire car, etc. 

So remember what's on offer here:

2 UK showrooms for a relaxed shopping experience
  Total convenience
  Everything fitted into your property for you...nothing for you to do
Furniture supplied anywhere in Spain
and a huge 5% saving on the total price

So how can you claim your saving?

We know that we will get hundreds of people interested in this special and unique offer as you can save so much money.  But we don't want to inundate VillaPac with hundreds of "potential" enquiries.  It's a lot of effort to process all those enquiries.  We want only serious buyers to take advantage of this offer so we're asking that you pay a small fee to download a special voucher that you can redeem to claim your discount.

The price of the voucher is 34 Euros.   It's a small fee when compared to the substantial saving you can make when redeeming the voucher.

What should you do now?

Check out the villaPac website at and see what they have to offer.  You can contact them to find our more too.

Then, if you're happy with it all you can then come back and download your voucher to claim your 5% saving.  The voucher is only available in the member´s area.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This offer only applies to orders placed after the 3rd of  November 2006.

If you're already a registered member then simply log in to the member´s area and click on the "Furniture offer" link.

If you are not yet a member you will need to register first.  Registration is free.  Once registered you can then log in to claim your voucher.

Thank you for your time and I hope this offer is of interest to you.

Best regards


P.S. We have spent the last 3 months selecting a furniture packages supplier to recommend to you so  we are very happy to recommend VillaPac to you and in return you can claim your 5% saving.

P.P.S. You have to be a member to download the voucher.  Existing members log in here.  New members need to register first (it's free) and then log in.  Once in the members area click the "Furniture offer" link.


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