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02 Jan 2008 00:00 by pooley-santos Star rating in London UK/Huercal Ov.... 58 posts Send private message

I have always been happy in Spain - I bought my first holiday home in Benidorm in 1982 and after a succession of moves now have my home just outside Huercal Overa.

My son speaks perfect Spanish as no doubt will my grandson (3), and both have enjoyed or will enjoy a quality of life and freedoms that could never be given in the U.K. I have been able to spend 'quality time' with my son and now my grandson and I believe that we will all lead longer, happier and healthier lives as a result of being in the very fortunate position whereby we could choose to live somewhere as idealic as we do.

Thank you Spain

Pooley & Santos -Builder/ Delelopers - Plant Hire - Swimming Pools -...

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31 Mar 2008 12:33 by lauramary Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

Hóla all,

last month I went to Spain and this was one of the greatest experiences i have ever made...I searched a long time to find the perfect school but I found it..it is called Alhambra-instituto and offers individual courses for beginners and advanced speakers..so if you are interested in learning the language rapily or if you only want to improve your knowledge check out their page alhambra-instituto.org

Muchos Besitos

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17 Oct 2008 14:34 by JS10 Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

Hey guys,
great to hear about your happy experiences in Spain. When i first moved to Spain I was having a really hard time finding a good, cheap internet connection, until i found this. If you're interested, check this out! its free, easy and reliable. It is also offered in English and Spanish! the site is called gonuts4free

Enjoy! :)

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12 Dec 2008 15:32 by hairbear Star rating. 77 posts Send private message

Its nice to see a forum where people who are happy add messages. I love living in spain and of course there are teething problems when you initialy get here but over time you resolve them and then it is great.


Viva Espana.

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12 Dec 2008 19:43 by Nati Star rating in Manilva (Costa del .... 237 posts Send private message

It is nice to see positive comments from different people about their experiences in Spain. At the moment I am shattered, packing, cleaning, writing reports at work etc. However, I will be in Spain very soon sharing my experiences with you. We are flying to Malaga on 27th and by then we hope to be more relaxed as moving to a different country is pretty stressful. See you soon




 Ana Sánchez. PGCE, MA & BA(Hons)

Teaching and Translation Services

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15 Dec 2008 08:17 by hairbear Star rating. 77 posts Send private message



I have moved to Spain twice ! (went back to UK once after 2 years but then quite quickly realised that Spain was for me). When you are here you will have to sort things out Medical, work, house etc and it will be stressful but we found the best way to tackle it was to do the admin stuff in the morning before 2.00pm and then save the afternoons for yourself, find a nice beachbar sit and eat tapas and have a few glasses of Rioja, then it all becomes worth while.


Good Luck.



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15 Dec 2008 09:57 by Nati Star rating in Manilva (Costa del .... 237 posts Send private message


I know I will have to sort loads of things. I am Spanish myself and I roughly know how things work in Spain. We will have to register with doctor, town hall, etc. I have Spanish bank accounts and I don't have to worry about NIE cos I have a Spanish Social Security no and ID no.

I know it is stressful but I imagine it would be the same moving to any other country as you have to get yourself established and that takes time. You just have to be patient



 Ana Sánchez. PGCE, MA & BA(Hons)

Teaching and Translation Services

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23 Jan 2009 11:35 by elporton Star rating. 21 posts Send private message

Living in Spain is great.

All we here of the UK is doom and misery.

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09 Aug 2010 07:22 by shiffersmith Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

How about a holiday where you can enjoy the comfort of your own home and also experience plenty of sun, sea and beach,Spain offers more than sixty miles of beautiful beaches at the Costa Brava, along with a rich cultural history, stunning nature and many excellent restaurants.

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09 Aug 2010 18:27 by Valentinaradu Star rating in Manilva. 71 posts Send private message

I love my life in Spain. When people come and visit me from abroad they think I am on holiday all year round. Everyday I think I made my best decision by moving to Spain after seeing the Spain Uncut videos .

The Spain Uncut videos were the ice topping, we were decided to come, but that just made us buy the plane tickets.

So, now we are here, we started a business, we live in a wonderful place and we are enjoying the great things Spain has to offer.

 I hope everybody  can say that here they are HOME!

Valentina Radu Translator/Interpreter Business Development Executive Martínez- Echevarría Lawyers

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09 Aug 2010 18:33 by wend691 Star rating in Lincoln & Rojales (C.... 179 posts Send private message

What a really positive post Valentinaradu

How long have you been living in Spain for and what useful tips do you have to offer others about setting up your own business? Im sure there are many of us who would welcome your thoughts / input




This message was last edited by wend691 on 09/08/2010.

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09 Aug 2010 18:53 by Valentinaradu Star rating in Manilva. 71 posts Send private message

Hi Wend,


Thank you for your nice comment. I have been coming and going for 3 or 4 years (I was working for a law office in Puerto Banus, but in another country), but last year in December, the 1st of December decided to fly in and move here.

I started the business straight away, applied for grants, found out a month ago I got them , put everything in order and work. I can tell you that I have got lots of help from the authorities for being a woman in business. If you want to find out more, and see what situation can suit you check some more info on the Spanish Woman´s Institute for Andalucia web  (http://www.juntadeandalucia.es/iam/) and the CADE web (http://www.agenciaidea.es/cocoon/ai-estatico-.html?p=/Inicio/Incentivos/&c=Incentivos).

I have to admit it was very easy because I spoke Spanish to handle everything, and now part of my business is to do the same for others .

Also, I integrated myself into the community of my town, going to reunions of the town hall, for the Foreigner ones, etc.

I am still a long way to go, there are so many things left to do, but bit by bit.


Also, I have joined several women groups, like WIBS (Women in Business Spain) and Sotogrande Women. If you like, you are welcomed to join us in September when we get together again.

Hope my little ideas helped.


Best Regards



Valentina Radu Translator/Interpreter Business Development Executive Martínez- Echevarría Lawyers

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19 Jun 2011 09:55 by cg01114 Star rating. 1 posts Send private message

well .................

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19 Jun 2011 11:52 by JazII Star rating in Mar Menor and UK. 133 posts Send private message

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 I wish we could still work a few days each month in Spain plus spend all our vacations there........currently it's only vacation time we can spend there......fingers crossed we can revert back to our old ways some time over the next few years.  It's a fab country for sure 

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19 Jun 2011 15:20 by campana Star rating in Marbella. 474 posts Send private message

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Great to read the positive posts.  Spain is a great country with much to offer.  I have lived here practically all my life.  Sure, like anywhere else, there can be problems, no one can deny that fact, but the positives as described by the other posters on this thread do make for a pleasant life.


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22 Jun 2011 15:34 by samdino Star rating. 2 posts Send private message

Very informative lens. It's said Spain is one of the best country for the retirement. "Slow down and enjoy life, just like the Spanish do." It's so attractive life style. I believe the folks has a lot of peace in the heart though the OX fighting is one the popuplar sports in Spain. I also read some Alicante Informatic for travelling purpose before, I like the life style in Spain.

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09 Jul 2011 00:31 by Jontymellor Star rating in Warrington & Cabo R.... 144 posts Send private message

I have to settle for my early and late holidays to my small apartment in Cabo Roig, but its all I think about the time when I can sell up and get over there for good.

I love the place, the beaches, the people, and no one can put me off the freash fruit on the market, I live more like a vegitarian when over there.

nice to see that there are others like me that think Spain is great, and dont blame the Spanish for the mess that leamen brothers created in the world finance.


I Live in Warrington & Cabo Roig

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13 Aug 2011 20:56 by eljefe Star rating in Torrevieja. 15 posts Send private message

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 I love Spain so much I have applied for Spanish Nationality. After 23 years living and working here. My daughter was born here 14 years ago. So it is important for her to have full nationality for her future here. Spain has been very good to me. I worked very hard for the last 21 years but recently had two years not working full time only part time. 

I plan to go back to work this September and open a training school for secetaries to get work experience in Accountancy, Law and Insurance. 

El Jefe says  

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13 Aug 2011 21:01 by campana Star rating in Marbella. 474 posts Send private message

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That's terrific, El Jefe.  Good luck with your plans.



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03 Sep 2011 13:40 by normansands Star rating in Kent. 1281 posts Send private message

Dear All,

inspiring to read, have always enjoyed holidays there, good luck.


N. Sands

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