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To truly understand the forum rules you first need to understand the philosophy behind Eye on Spain.

Eye on Spain is intended to be an informative, helpful and pleasant place for property buyers, owners, expats and anyone with an interest in Spain to post questions and information relating to all things Spain.

We like to keep the forums friendly at all times and we will delete any messages which we feel are unncessary or could cause offence to other members.

Therefore, we ask that when you post messages you adhere to the following rules :

NO COMMERCIAL POSTS - Eye on Spain is funded through advertising, it's how we're able to continuously develop the website and provide more and more useful content to our members and visitors.  We, and our members, also don't want our message boards clogged up with ads.  The same applies to the private message facility. There are advertising opporunities with us so if you would like to advertise then please get in touch with us .

NO PROPERTY ADVERTS - The forum is not to be used for advertising property for sale.  The classifieds thread is only for the sale of personal items, not property or property related services.  If you wish to advertise your property for sale or rental then you can do so in our dedicated property sale or rentals sections.

DON'T REQUEST MEMBERS DETAILS - Anyone using the forums to get members to join their own websites, or to send them their personal details, will be banned from the forum.  Soliciting members's details is strictly against what we believe in.  If you are leading people to your website and asking them to register and sign in then DON'T.  If you are requesting people to send you their details then DON'T.   If you provide good information on the forum and you have a business, add your business to your signature in the forum profile and people will come to you if they like what they read.  

DON'T SPAM THE PRIVATE MESSAGE FACILITY - Anyone found to be abusing the private message facility will have this facility disabled.  It must NOT be used to spam other members touting for business.  If you know of anyone abusing this facility please tell us ASAP.

DON'T MENTION COMPANY OR EMPLOYEE NAMES - Please do not use the forums to complain about companies or individuals.  We are not in a position to be held liable for defamatory content on our site over which we know nothing about.  Therefore, please do not mention any company names or their staff if you have any compaints.  This is not the place to vent your anger.

NO LINKS TO EYE ON SPAIN "COPYCAT" WEBSITES - We get it all the time.  People have realised what a great facility we've developed here and many people have chosen to copy us.  They then decide that they will come to Eye on Spain and steal the members we've worked so hard for over 8 years.  No thank you, you're not welcome here.

DON'T POST YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS - Eye on Spain is a highly ranked website in the search engines.  It means we get thousands of visitors every day because the search engines crawl all our pages.  It also means that unscrupulous people out there can get information and use it to Spam you, they can do this if you post your email address or personal details on the forum.  For security reasons we suggest you don't post your email address or personal details and use the private message facility instead which is much safer, and stops your email address from potentially getting into the wrong hands.  Private messages are not read by the search engines.

BE FRIENDLY - Tempers can get frayed sometimes but please try and be polite and friendly in your responses, even if others do not agree with your comments.

Our disclaimer ....

All opinions posted on these message boards are the opinion solely of the poster and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Eye on Spain, its servants or agents.

We reserve the right to delete or edit any posts at any time.

Thank you for observing these rules.  It makes for a friendly and happy forum for all.

EOS Team

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