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If you're reading this then you are either the owner of a property in Spain or looking to buy a property in Spain to subsequently rent out.

We all have different reasons for needing to generate rental bookings for our properties. These could be:

  • Property was bought as a buy-to-let investment
  • To generate some extra revenue
  • For personal holiday use, so the property is empty the rest of the year and might as well earn some money from it
  • To supplement the monthly mortgage, community fee and other costs associated with owning the property

You may have other needs but whatever the need few owners ever experience the problem of having too many rental enquiries to respond to.

This stems from one main problem and we can quote the laws of physics to answer it:

“Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”

This applies to you in the sense that the success you have with renting out your property is directly proportional to the effort that you put into it in the first place.

You really have to look at renting out your property as a mini business. The end result is to make a profit with the least hassle possible. It's not always the best option to leave it to a rental agent to do it for you.

Many owners don’t seem to realise that renting out their property cheap is actually costing them money, instead of making them money. How crazy is that?

In this ebook I’ll show you some seriously good and under used tactics that you can focus on to generate more rental bookings. Hopefully you’ll generate so many that you won’t feel the need to rent out your property on the cheap any more.

What'll You'll Learn From This

Top 10 Strategies To Boost Your Rental Enquiries teaches you the top methods you can use starting today to generate a flood of enquiries for your property. Some of these methods are never discussed and you won't find them anywhere else.

You will learn...

Why you NEED to do this and how you can do it for practically nothing!
This won't cost you anything to implement but the results in terms of rental enquiries can be truly astonishing. If you do nothing else, do this!
This strategy is so powerful that I'm amazed so few people seem to use it. Simple to do but massively effective.
Getting this wrong can cost you a lot of money. I show you how to use this effectively and to make this work well for you.
This strategy requires some investment...of time, and we all have some of that. Very effective and incredibly under-used. I show you how to do this properly for maximum results.
This is just brilliant! It's a technique you can use that can have a dramatic effect on your rental enquiries. Some people won't be happy me telling you about this.
Why is no-one doing this? This is such a great strategy yet no-one is using it in any way shape or form. Get in there first!
This is another simple strategy that just requires a little of your time but can get your property in front of 1000s of peoples' faces. A dream scenario? Yes, and I show you how to do it.
This is a very modern way of using certain online tools to your benefit. I show you how to use them to charge up your rental enquiries.
In this final strategy I show you how my friend makes an annual profit of 10,500 Euros on his one-bed apartment in Spain. Learn how he does it and copy it.

These are very powerful strategies that very few people appear to be using to boost their rental incomes. As competition has intensified over the past years, the need for innovation and efficiency has never been greater.

Even if you apply just one or two of these strategies and put the effort in, they will work for you.

What's The Damage?

I appreciate that times are tough and that these amazaing strategies will really help you to generate a ton of rental enquiries, so I want to make it really affordable for you.

That's why I'm letting you have it for the tiny inestment of just €7 and you can download it straight away. If you implement just one of the strategies in the ebook you will make this tiny investment back in no time and use the rest of your new found profits to truly enjoy your property in Spain.

And There's No Risk

I really don't want you to be out-of-pocket here which is why I am offering a full 100% money back guarantee for 30 days, no questions asked (although I'm pretty convinced you won't need to take up this part of the offer!).

Just say the word and I'll refund you the full price of the ebook, and we'll still part as friends.  Fair enough?

And you can still keep the ebook!

Added Bonus

As an extra bonus I'm going to give you a voucher code for a 50% discount when listing your property for rental on Eye on Spain. The beauty of this is that the discount is for life! Once you enter the discount code you'll always be able to enjoy the 50% discount for your listings.

That's a saving of 24 Euros per year!

If you already have your property listed for rental on Eye on Spain then you can apply this discount code the next time you renew your listing.


Yes Justin, give me immediate access to these amazing strategies to explode my rentals bookings at the crazy price of just €7.

I understand I will be able to:

tick Download the eBook to help generate more holiday rental bookings 
tick Ask for my money back within 30 days if I don't think any of these strategies will work for me, and I get to keep the ebook anyway.
tick Get my 50% off discount voucher for listing my proprty on Eye on Spain.


The summer season is fast approaching so make sure you've got your apartment booked up during this peak time and enjoy maximum returns.

To your rentals success.

Best regards

Justin Aldridge
Eye on Spain

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