How to Take Control of the Completion of Your Off Plan Property in Spain - And Enjoy a Stress-Free Start to Your Spanish Home Ownership"

It's certainly possible if you're armed with Mark Wilkins' new E-Guide - "Completing an Off-Plan Property in the South of Spain and You and Your Community"


From:  Justin Aldridge
Manilva, Spain
Monday, 24 April 2008

Dear Spanish Property Buyer

Hearing from your Abogado (Lawyer) that the developer of your “off plan” property is ready to deliver your complete property fills many with apprehension.

The excitement that you are about to take delivery and start to enjoy your long awaited Spanish home is often tempered by a certain caution.

But, it needn’t become a saga which sours the joy associated with acquiring your Place in the Sun.

We know from Divorce lawyers that moving house can be extremely stressful. Purchasing a overseas property introduces further levels for confusion and upset borne out of cultural or linguistic barriers that can send your blood pressure soaring.

But Completion Doesn't
Have To End In Tears...

Handling the interests of many Spanish property purchaser since forming The Rights Group (TRG) professional services network nearly five years ago, Mark FR Wilkins – an English trained Solicitor - decided that a “handbook” to the Completion process would be a great idea to extend the knowledge base of those who are yet to undertake this final step in their purchase of an “off plan” property.

TRG’s core role, having spent a number of years identifying a series of wholly independent and “best of breed” bilingual advisors, is to drive the relationship between the purchasing client and ,for example, the chosen Abogado or Mortgage Broker to ensure a level of customer service that is akin to that seen in the client’s home market.

So What's In Marks E-Guide?

The E-Guide is packed with practical and useful tips, this eighty-one page E-Guide is a must for those who are considering making the purchase of a Spanish “off plan” purchase or those who have already paid a deposit – and probably further sums – towards their purchase and face completion in the near future.

Here are just some of the features of Mark's guide... 

Tick Step-by-step guide walk-through of the completion process 
Tick Delaying your completion
Tick Options if you don't want to complete 
Tick Your mortgage options
Tick Making money from your property
Tick Dealing with the notorious notary
Tick The community of owners
Tick Community meetings and statutes
Tick Your rights and obligations as part of your community
Tick And so much more....

The E-Guide is essentially a “step by step” guide as to what the purchaser of an “off plan” option should do when their developer calls upon them to complete their purchase.

It considers whether the developer is yet ready to request completion and whether they have obtained all the necessary completion licenses. It places emphasis on the faith and trust placed in the Abogado to ensure that the purchaser’s best interests are vigorously protected.

You Don't Want To Or Can't Complete?  Explore The Options

The time between signing your Private Purchase Contract and the delivery of your property may well have been two to three years. For others it may have been four years or more, their completion having been delayed because of building difficulties or the necessary clarification of the planning permission.

Whatever the reason for amount of time that has passed due to personal circumstances entirely beyond your control the E-Guide explores those options which may be available to those who find that they are unable or unwilling to complete for one reason or another.

Written against the background of the recent world-wide ”Credit Crunch”, the E-Guide considers those currently available methods to cost-effectively finance your completion.

The E-Guide highlights the roles of your Abogado – and what you should expect them to do – and the Notary. It notes the critical and “legal” importance of the latter in the completion process.

Just take a look at what some recent reviews of the E-Guide have said about it:

"Seems to be just want I needed for when I complete"

I'm buying an apartment in Alicante which, although over a year late already, should be ready by the end of this year.  I have found the content of the ebook to cover all aspects of completion so I feel quite prepared for the day, when it eventually arrives.

--- John Stanley, 11 April 2008

"I liked the step-by-step layout and the easy to understand language"

Mark's ebook certainly seems to lay out the completion process quite well.  It does seem daunting at first as you're never quite sure whether you should actually be completing, especially with licencing issues, but the ebook gives an easy to understand way of getting your head around it. 

--- Pauline Wright, 07 April 2008 

"So glad I got this.  Information is power."

My developer has been trying to get me to complete even though all the facilities are not in place.  I picked up some useful information from the ebook and have used it to push my lawyer to delay completion until I'm totally happy.  Thanks.

--- Bryan Moore, 06 April 2008

Having completed your “Off Plan” purchase the vast majority of people find themselves having bought a new property on an Urbanisation which involves them becoming a member of a Community of Owners.

Know Your Community And Your Rights

The second part of the E-Guide focuses on a clear understanding of what it means to be a member of a Community of Owners – which is the usual “legal” character behind a Spanish Urbanisation.

It clarifies the distinction between what comprises “your” property and the Community’s Common Parts. Examines your responsibilities to your Community and what you can expect in return and identifies the roles of the various officers who manage your Community.

Finally, in a Post Completion section it addresses issues relating to the condition of your property in the years post delivery and some entirely practical – and down to earth - advice drawn from the experience of others.

Armed with this E-Guide you'll hopefully be able to experience as smooth a completion process as possible and understand your part in the community.  That's not to say that you won't run into any problems, but with the right information to hand you should be able to understand how to tackle them.

All This Essential Information For Just A One-Off Low Cost

How much is all this valuable information, hints tips and practical advice worth to you?  Considering the amount of stress and cost that this E-Guide can save you, the low one-off cost of just €27 must be a bargain!

And there's NO RISK....

As a special Eye on Spain bonus we are offering a full 100% money back guarantee for 30 days, no questions asked (although we're pretty convinced you won't need to take up this part of the offer!). 

Just say the word and we'll refund you the full price of the E-Guide, and we'll still part as friends.  Fair enough?

We're here to make your life easier, not to give you any extra stress.  If you don't feel the E-Guide is for you then just tell us within 30 days and you'll get your full refund AND you get to keep the guide. 


And there's more...

As a bonus to everyone you'll also be able to download a completion checklist to make it even easier for you to enjoy a stress-free completion!

There are two payment options to gain instant access to this E-Guide priced at 27 Euros:

1.  Process through WorldPay (preferred).  WorldPay is a secure Royal Bank of Scotland online payment processing system.

Get the E-Guide now!

2.  Pay using PayPal (You don't need a PayPal account to do this).  Click the button below to pay using any credit or debit card or use your PayPal balance:

Click here to pay with PayPal

Here's to a smooth completion!


Justin Aldridge
Eye on Spain

P. S.  Remember that you have a full 30 day money back guarantee (no questions asked) should you find the E-Guide isn't for you.  You get to keep the E-Guide and we refund you the full amount.  You have absolutely nothing to lose.


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