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advice & help moving to fuengirola spain


its been a while...
22 June 2011

well been a few weeks since i came on be honest i had nothing to blog, im still planning my big move and getting very exctied about it.
been finding LOTS of contacts and things on facebook, like agents for homes and job sites ect so i like to feel like im finding out more info as i go and keeping a note of it all, i guess it's handy to let people know what your intentions are incase they have anything that comes up that you might be interested in, so it's put a bit of a positive spin on things for me, i must get saving so thank god i have a few things paid off in the next few weeks, every penny counts right :o)

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Riviera del sol ?
23 March 2011


Anyone know what Riviera del sol is like? found a few rentals in that area, not to far away from fuengirola or marbella. any advice?? whats the public transport like from there to both marbella nd fuengirola?

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Rental agents for Fuengirola
22 March 2011

Evening all

why is it when i type in google 'rental agents' i can only find sales agents or the rental agents that do come up are well above my price band, would have to be a millionaire and considering i only won £10 on the lottery on saturday thats a big no no for me lol

I quite like but you dont really get much info except for 1 or 2 lines

So does anybody know of any good rental agents in and arounf Fuengirola? all help greatly appriciated.


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location location location
21 March 2011

Afternoon all

So i have been thinking about maybe looking a tiny but further out of fuengirola as apose to the centre, mainly due to the fact that the rents might be cheaper?

Any ideas or advice? i know someone that moved to La Zenia 2 weeks ago and she said she pays 350 euro a month including bills  i though she had found a brilliant deal?

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eye on spain = eye opener for sure
20 March 2011

So just been reading EOS blogs and found some really useful information, most of which i knew already like unemployment is very high and obviously being able to speak spanish is an advantage but more than that the article went into great depth without coming across as nasty and bitter (which i have found alot)

so thank you Eye On Spain for posting truthful & helpful information that people like myself find extremly usefull

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Newbie :o)
20 March 2011

Hi everyone!!

This is my 1st blog so just the basics for now

Im 29 years old, have a wonderful boyfriend (Danny) and 2 little girls.

I currently live in Manchester but am hoping to move to Fuengirola in 2012

I will be writing generally about my experience in researching for the big move, the pitfalls ect and hope that any infomation i post will be usefull to others planning on doing the same thing

So byr for now & im sure it wont be to long till im blogging again (give me a few hours lol)


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