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The recent poor weather in England

The state of Spain's property market could be saved by the dramatic under reported changes in the Gulf stream that is affecting the Jet stream and thus the weather in Northern Europe.

The weather
20 May 2013

How is the weather where you are? I have been keeping a keen eye on all things related since my secondry school days back in the 1970s when friends thought I could control the weather!. All I could do was make very accurate short term predictions, like it will rain in a minute. Wow! I can hear you think as you stop reading but bear with me just a few more lines.

I am the kind of person that when someone in government starts handing out free loft and wall insulation and subsidising new gas boilers under the guise of cutting CO2 emitions, I think surely if the planet is getting warmer all this will then be useless. So I started looking for the real reason for everyone in the UK needing to insulate their homes up to the ying yang. Guess what, the world, or at least the northern hemisphere, is about to get a lot colder. The recent extreme disruption in the Jet stream (high speed wind in the upper atmosphere) is caused by the failing Gulf Stream (ocean current that warms northern Europe to the tune of a million power stations) 

The weakening Gulf stream was reported back in 2005 by the Southhampton institute of oceanography and published in the Guardian news paper said the strenth of the Gulf stream has weakend by 30% in the previous decade. So, to my point, I have been wanting to move to Spain for many years and now it looks extremely likely I might have to move there in order to servive the coming mini iceage that is just around the corner. As the people up north abandon their lands for more southern climes, the value of your home in spain will rocket. All is good!....? well not quite, Spain is going to get more like the UK. Not just because we will all want to live there but because the weather in Spain will be like the UK is now. RUBBISH!

                                                                              Trust me I can predict the weather.

 I could post links to all the sites that back up what I have just written but what the heck, the evidence is out there.

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