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Water And The Human Body

The importance of water

Water And The Human Body
03 August 2009


Is water on your daily menu? No? Why not? Have you any idea how important it is for your body? 

Water is a necessity; it is required by every cell in your body, as nourishment and to remove waste product. You can lose several cups of water daily simply through breathing.
It is vitally important for every individual to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water a day, more if possible. The easier it goes down is an indication of how dehydrated you are. Believe it or not you can cure a headache by drinking water. The headache is a sign of dehydration.
Every person could actually go weeks without food but only a few days without water.
 Do not drink too much coffee or tea because they contain caffeine, which is a known diuretic, and will actually accentuate the symptoms of fluid loss.
What time do you get up? (Could you get up a little earlier?)
The early morning is the best part of the day—it’s quiet and peaceful, if you get yourself up at least an hour before your normal time, it allows you to wake up slowly, instead of rushing around, which in the long term is no good for the body, mind or soul.
Once out of bed, before you do anything else, have one or two glasses of cold water. Why? Cold water starts peristalsis, which is the movement of the digestive system that propels matter.
Get into the good habits and the bad habits will become a distant memory.

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