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Moving to Spain from UK

Hi, we are a couple considering moving to Spain from the UK as our careers allow us to do so at this stage.

Weighting the ups and downs of 2 locations in Andalucia
11 March 2012


We are Dave (35) and Marian (33), and we are a couple considering moving to Spain from the UK. We are eyeing two locations at the moment, Malaga or Granada (the cities). We are at a point in our careers where we can work from home and we have decided to start considering making the move from our current home in Liverpool.

We have condiered other locations but have narrowed it down to either of the two. Malaga seems to have more British-type amenities due to its attractiveness for tourists and we hear most expats reside here. On the other hand, Granada seems to allow for better bang for one's buck when it comes to property value. Dave speaks the language at conversational level whereas I'd have to start from scratch, and from our initial readings, Granada doesn't have much British, so it could require an extra effort from us when it comes to our daily contact with people.

We are taking our decision slowly but we'd thought we'd start in a forum with expats or others considering the big move and would very much appreciate if you could gives us some tips or your opinions.

Thank you so much

Dave & Mariam

P.S we have been doing some reading so far, some of the stuff we have been reading:

Malaga - Wikipedia

Granada - Wikipedia

We have also been reading on some andalucia travel guide

and this was one of the articles we read on Spain and the Spanish culture that sparked our curiosity

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