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help with uktv

All you need to know about uktv in spain including satellite and iptv

A Follow up on uk tv channels
27 August 2013

The facts (and a few guesses):

  • Astra 2E is set for launch on September 15th, 2013
  • The BBC has announced that it will be moving all its channels to the Astra 2F and Astra 2E satellites.Astra 2E Footprint
  • Projected Astra 2E footprints show a service covering the UK only. As previously, there will be splillover into mainland Europe, but the cut off towards southern Europe will be sharper than before.
  • Those living roughly in the southern third of Spain and Portugal will lose all BBC services, Channel 4, most of C5, and most ITV
  • It's probable that More 4 HD, E4 HD, ITV2 HD, ITV3 HD and ITV4 HD, which are encrypted and part of Sky's HD package, will not move, and will continue to be received easily in southern Spain with a Sky subscription at £32/month, part of the Entertainment Extra+ pack.
  • All of the Channel Four Group (C4, C4HD, More 4 SD, Film Four) will be impossible to receive in southern Spain, along with the remainder of the Channel Five group. There is some doubt about C5HD, which is encrypted and only available free to view with a Sky card.
  • The exact area in which channels will be lost will not be known until after Astra 2E launches and commences testing. Even then, some adjustments and tweaks may be made right up to the time the satellite goes into service.
  • BBC & ITV reception is currently very easy in western Europe as it is broadcast from Astra 1N's pan-European beam. Over most of Spain, an 80 cm dish will suffice, much smaller than was needed when the services were broadcast from Astra 2D. This satellite was retired last year after reportedly developing a fault. Astra 1N will be most likely be moved to its original planned location at 19º east, serving mainland Europe.
  • Dishes in excess of 3 metres may be needed to receive the BBC on satellite in the far south of Spain and Gibraltar. Some areas may receive no signal at all. In the northern half of Spain, reception will be relatively easy with dishes of around 1.2 metres, smaller than when the services were on Astra 2D. Exceptions to this may include the Barcelona region, where 1.8 metres may be the minimum. This is speculation based on the experience of Astra 2F, which went into service in November 2012. No one knows for sure, not even the BBC and SES Astra.
  • There is no difference between receiving the BBC on Sky and on Freesat. The signals and broadcasts are exactly the same on both services. Paying extra for Sky will not bring back the BBC in southern Spain.

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Whats going on with freeview uktv
26 August 2013

Astra 2E was sheduled to launch on Friday, July 21st the launch was delayed untill

September 15th 2013

The BBC has confirmed thier plans to move their services from Astra 1N to Astra 2E

The overspill of the BBC services will be reduced so viewers outside the uk will find it 

hard to receive them.

Astra 2E will have the same uk footprint as Astra 2F

So if you can currently view channels from 2F there should be no problems receiving 2E


How will these changes affect viewers overseas?

There have been lots of rumours doing the rounds that overseas viewers will lose

all there channels once these changes are complete

There is no reason for sky to opt for the UK spot beam

There channels are encrypted and there are no copyright issues 

Many expats have legal subscriptions registered to a UK address

and lots of bars  have Sky Sports, these are all income  for Sky.

It seems unlikely Sky would want to lose this Income.

As for main terrestrial broadcasters, the BBC,ITV,Channel 4 and 5

these will be using the UK spotbeam on Astra 2F and 2E


So is this the end of free tv ?

NO      but you will need an internet conection of 2mb or more

You can use www. or and connect your tv to computer 

Connect your computer to a TV

To connect your computer to a TV, your computer needs to have an output port that matches one                              of the input ports on your TV.

Illustration of VGA, DVI, composite video, S-Video, HDMI, and component video connections
For HD TVs

hddWhat you'll need if you have an HDT

If your computer has this type of output port
It should work with this type of TV input port
Using this type of cable










The following scenarios show you how you can connect a computer to a standard-definition TV:

If your computer has this type of output port
It should work with this type of TV input port
Using this type of cable

Composite video

Composite video

Composite video to composite video



S-Video to S-Vide


or you could opt for an IPTV box which streams content via your internet and connects via 

HD lead or Audio video lead, I have found a few of these and the best i have tried has 70 channels

including sky sports, 5 sky movie channels and asorted ch like Gold and Dave, works great on a 2 meg line

The best option i have found sofar is an linux based box that comes with filmon already installed

I get all my sky channels via dish with card or via a server

with added features like movie select n play and of course BBC and ITV iPlayer,

was watching, We’re the Millers; last night good quality (very funny film by the way)

Try contacting  or visit there web at

If any one has any questions i will do my best to answer them,

Going to be testing a download called XMBC over the next few weeks

XBMC is a Media Centre which can be installed to Mac, Windows, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, Android, and Linux. Among it's many features is the ability to Watch Movies and tv.

will let you know how i get on





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