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Things To Do With Kids In Lanzarote
22 March 2016

Lanzarote is an amazing island, most famous for its volcanoes and lunar landscape. There are many family hotels in Lanzarote for you to enjoy. Every holiday resort has something for kids to do, whether it be entertainment or kids clubs in hotels or getting out and about. Having kids on holiday is far from relaxing so how can you keep them entertained and enjoy yourself at the same time.

Parks and playgrounds are everywhere and are free, if you just take a walk from wherever you are put up, you are sure to come across a park with swings and climbing frames. Grab an ice cream and relax while they wear themselves out.

You don't want to spend all your time in the hotel or the play area, so here are a few top tips for getting out and about with your kids and doing some unique and exciting things with your children:


Volcano Adventures

The most popular days out in Lanzarote are the Volcanoes. We know that most kids can find long tours exhausting and boring, so the best option is to go on the Short South Tour, which takes you to the main places, loved by any kid, like the volcanoes and the demonstrations where you see food being cooked over the heat of a crater and instant boiling water exploding into the air. After the volcanoes you head to El Golfo where you and the children can have a visual treat looking at the bright green emerald lake, your little ones would be glad to dig in the ground nearby to find semi-precious Olivina stones and see how your kid’s imagination will run wild when you tell them that they are magical stones. Don't worry if you can't find the stones, you can buy them for as little as €1. Another exciting and most awaited part of the tour is where the kids get to see the camels, don’t stop there, for just €12 for two people you can go for a ride on the back of one of these beautiful creatures with your kids.

The short tour is ideal for families as the kids don't get bored. , they will learn something and adults will enjoy it aswell and as we say, you wouldn't go to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower so in the same way, you can´t leave Lanzarote without seeing the Volcanoes.


Atlantic Adventures

You can never go wrong with this half day out to the ocean, especially for families, when you set sail from Playa Blanca to the famous Papagayo Bay on the Atlantic Adventure. The best part is, two kids go on it for the price of one ticket, this offer is always available. It is an all inclusive day out on board a glass bottom boat, much better for families than a Catamaran, especially if you have small children. The boat has three levels, with a top deck for the sun, a middle deck fully shaded and the lower deck where there are submarine vision windows. From the minute you get on board, you sit back and relax with soft drinks or draught beer and free flowing sangria. The kids will love the boat as it is big and safe and they can look out for flying fish on the way. Once the crew drop the anchor, the even more fun begins, with activities like Snorkeling and Kayaking, large inflatable bouncy mats and even a banana boat ride. For those who do not want to do these activities or have smaller children then there is a chance you could take the smaller boats directly onto the white beaches.

Lunch is served on board with chicken wings, chips, salad, nuggets for the kids, so everyone is happy. After lunch we sail back to Playa Blanca. What makes this day special is not only the price and offer, but it's a nice three hours at sea and since it departs at 12:30 there is no early morning rushing around.


Animal Adventures

One place in Lanzarote that gets bigger and better every year is the fabulous Rancho Texas Animal Park. A lovely place to visit with the family, you can take a nice stroll around looking at all the different animals including a repliarium, white tigers, crocs and lots of birds. There are four shows throughout the day, a whip and lasso show, a bird of prey show, a parrot show and a cheeky sea lion show. If that's not enough they recently built a huge swimming area for both adults and kids with two waterslides cascading from the mountains. An all in one water park and animal park. You can take a bus from Playa Blanca and Costa Teguise and if you are staying in Puerto Del Carmen you are very close and can easily get a taxi for around €5 or a more convenient and economical way is to hire a car for the whole holiday.


Underwater Adventures

There are only 15 commercial submarines in the world and one of them is in Lanzarote, this 52 seater yellow submarine is an incredible experience. Kids have to be over 3 years old to enjoy this and it really is a chance of a lifetime. You will be taken 30m under the Atlantic ocean viewing all the amazing marine life through huge port holes. There are two shipwrecks you pass on the way down, teeming with different fish. Once you reach the bed of the Atlantic Ocean, their very own diver comes down to feed the fish by hand, there are so many fish, it's like they have covered him ready to take him away!!! If you are lucky enough, you could also see the resident stingray named Wannita, she knows when it's dinner time and it really is an amazing experience.  


Wild West Adventures

For a great night out for you and the kids, a country and western experience. The night is action packed from the minute you arrive at the ranch, the kids will be taken into the venue on a horse cart. Once you are inside, enjoy an all inclusive free flowing jugs of beer, sangria and soft drinks, while you look forward for the show by cowboys, indians, can can girls and line dancers. Dinner is delicious, with fingerlicking BBQ of ribs, chicken, salad potatoes and all the sauces. Kids can enjoy a kids menu too. After dinner there are pony rides for kids, line dancing lessons for the adults and for the daring the bucking broncho bull. A great night out and one of the only family nights out on the island. Apart from this, Lanzarote unlike Tenerife doesn't have much evening activities for families, of course there are an array of bars and restaurants where can save some money with our Discount Card.


Crazy Karting adventures

Kids love go karting and here in Lanzarote there are two tracks, both offer Gran Prix circuits and special karts for kids and parents. It´s a pretty cool day out and both tracks have a bar so those that may not fancy speeding around can enjoy a drink and a snack and watch the others whizz around.


For Car hire, Discounts on restaurants and bars and to book excursions in advance check out the 'Interesting Links' on the right of the blog page.

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Easter Break in Lanzarote, Just Four Hours Away
18 March 2016

With the gloomy weather continuing for almost 8-9 months of the year in the UK, we are lucky to fly to Lanzarote in just 4 hours from all major UK airports.

With almost every airline now starting more connections from UK airports to Lanzarote, it is even more convenient to just hop on a flight and before you know, you have a warm sunny welcome in Lanzarote. It is a great time to visit Lanzarote over Easter Break 2016, especially when there is news of the British Prime Minister visiting the island again this Easter. The best flight and hotel deals by comparing Kayak, Booking, Ryanair and more with my personal favourite Booking Engine.

So, whether you are visiting the island for the first time or the nth time, there are lots of things to do in Lanzarote, the best way to go about it is to hire a Rep for Free and guide you on the best excursions in Lanzarote according to your choices, my personal favourites are day visits to the Island of Fuerteventura and La Graciosa, just unforgetable!!!


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Lanzarote can no longer be called Lanzagrotty
14 March 2016

Lanzagrotty is what Lanzarote, a popular tourist island in the Canary Islands was called by the media some years back. But the face of Lanzarote has considerably changed with lots of efforts by the Canary Islands Tourist Department and the local businesses.

Lanzarote is everything you could dream about as a paradise island and the best winter sun destination, from the warm sun to the clean and European Standards Blue Flag beaches, the world class surfing waters of La Santa, the varied landscape with unique vineyards thriving alongside the magnificent Timanfaya National Park to the ever growing marine life, especially the Underwater Atlantic Museum and it being part of UNESCO's Biosphere Reserve.

How can anyone forget the huge contribution made by Lanzarote's own artist Cesar Manrique to change the ordinary into the extraordinary with his works at various roundabouts around the island, the Jameos del Agua, Cueva de Los Verdes, the Cactus Garden, the Cesar Manrique Foundation and many other prominent attractions in Lanzarote.

Apart from all this, Lanzarote is also a fast growing Sports Tourism destination with lots of International Sporting Events being organized throughout the year, bringing in many more tourists every year and offering world class facilities. The best part of coming to Lanzarote is that you can also island hop to other neighbouring island of Fuerteventura with its unique sand dunes and more beaches, the massive theme parks of Tenerife and the untouched island of La Graciosa.

Lanzarote is also one of the safest islands to holiday at, with strict airport security and satellite radar monitoring of in and around the island. Lanzarote airport is also a duty free zone, which means you can buy your favourite gifts or souvenirs without paying any taxes.

There are other places you could shop around at, there are bustling markets like the Teguise Market, selling fresh foods, local arts and crafts, aloe products, the best of wines and anything else you can get your hands on while you bargain. There are huge shopping centres with high end and branded shops, long promenades with designer boutiques sure to tempt you to try that very pretty dress you had been eyeing for a while!!!

No matter which month of the year you come for a holiday in Lanzarote, you can never miss the sun and all the Vitamin D which goes with it!!!! Lanzarote is the best island you want to be at, whether you plan on staying in a luxury hotel or a private villa in a quiet but beautiful village or a hotel apartment or an inclusive budget hotel, there is a choice for everyone.

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