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Owning a Timeshare in Spain

What is the experience of owning a Timeshare in Spain?

Timeshare in Spain
08 July 2011

 Well here I go "Blogging off" on the Eye on Spain Blog option.  Thought about it many times, but finally taken the plunge.

With a site of my own of Owners of Club La Costa Products, many of whom own CLC timeshares, but also from othe resorts, I wondered whether Timeshare was still being sold in Spain.   The burden of the EURO, and it is a Burden in my opinon, must be causing a lot of problems.  For anyone living in the EuroZone and having a Euro Bank Account receiving Euros, this might not be the case, but if ExPats are sending money over, then the losses must be BIG

Is it just the Resellers that sell now, or is New Product Still around.  I reckon that its all becoming Fractional Ownership, but I could be wrong. With the Timeshare Directive in Full force, I guess the Scammers have all moved on to something else, but what, I wonder?

Owners of Club La Costa trying to sell their ownerships of Points, are not in the main getting any buyers.  We know that from the site where there are about 18 People selling.  Its true thought a few Renters are trying this site as well and could be getting more success.

If you've got "lumbered" with Timeshare, I'd love to hear your comments.  I don't think its being sold anymore and you guys out there in Spain will surely have the lowdown on this.  Has it really gone?  Will it Ever go?  Some of our folks are into Periods of 50 -60 Years and MUST get someone else to take it over.  So is Fractional the New Timeshare and will it be viewed in the end, when we look back, as just another CON?

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