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Things to do in Spain

Read all about the great activities, tours and experiences here in Spain.

Things to do in Spain
26 November 2010

Hi all – before I get into this blog I best start with a brief intro blog, so whats this blog going to be about?
Basically it will be covering the many great things to do in Spain. I’m a keen outdoor sports person and love hiking, biking (road, mountain abd motor!), kayaking, travel, etc.
I run several activity based websites around the world, with many here in Spain -,, and Our main site is the global, the World’s (and definitely Spain’s) biggest activities and experiences website. 
Through these website’s I hope to inspire and educate people about the many great things to do here in Spain, the country I love!
When we moved out here (with my wife and two young daughters) about 6 years ago, a good proportion of our friends and family genuinely seemed to think:
(a) we'd soon be bored lying on sunloungers every day of the year with a glass of San Miguel, as there snot much more to do in Spain! 
(b) we were moving out to a barren wasteland with tumbleweeds blowing over rubbish strewn wasteland to the north, and a line of high rise hotels fronted by bars full of red raw drunken Brits to the south! 
Now I am not saying you could not find this image in the odd place, if you looked hard enough at some times of the year, but for the most part this is a dreadful miss conception, of a stunning country!
We’ve since educated all of our “I don’t like Spain” fiends and without exception, once they have been shown the true Spain, each and every one of them has become a fan of, and a regular visitor to, this great place.
For activity enthusiasts Spain really is one great big playground, with a climate which makes getting out and playing in it almost irresistible (most the time – I hope it’s not raining as you read this!).
The second most mountainous country in Europe, with something like a third of the population/square km of the UK, stunning coastlines and (most of the time - not today) that great climate - its a superb place for hiking, biking, riding, sailing, diving, skiing, ........
Here, where we live in the south many people boast of being able to lie on the beach on the morning and ski in the afternoon (as of this weekend this is the case as the Sierra Nevada Ski Resort near Granada opens for business tomorrow!). I don’t know many who have taken this option, but it’s certainly a possibility. Whilst not quite lying on the beach we have certainly eaten out on Burriana beach at Nerja in shorts and t-shirts at lunch, before driving up to the slopes later in the day.  What a great place to live.
I look forward to creating more specific articles on the fun to be had here in Spain in the coming months, and hope to able to tempt some of the 'sun bathers' off your sunbeds and into some great activities.
Why not take a look at what we have on offer in your part of Spain at and get out and play! 
Have fun

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