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RondARTE – new art association holds its first ever exhibition in Ronda
Saturday, October 14, 2023 @ 6:54 AM

There is currently a fantastic exhibition of work by artists local to Ronda and the Serrania at the Convento de Santo Domingo in the City of the Tajo.

There are more than 150 exhibits by 78 artists.

These works include paintings, lithographs, cartoons, photographs and sculptures, produced by artists living and working in the area.



Amongst the exhibitors are a number of international artists who live in the Ronda area. I spotted works by artists from Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, as well as from other Spanish-speaking countries such as Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

I know a few, such as Udo Burkhardt from Germany, a Ronda resident, Sebastian Hedgecoe, from England, who lives in Genalguacil and Elaine Moore also from England, who lives in Ronda.

And, I know local "lad", Emilio Garcia. Emilio made a great video of the exhibition, which you can view by clicking here.




Emilio Garcia











   Udo Burkhardt (L) [Photo: Charry TV]                 Elaine Moore [Photo: Elaine Moore Artist]



RondARTE is a legal entity or association, which was formed and signed into law on 21 March this year, 2023. The aim is to promote and develop ART IN GENERAL in Ronda and the surrounding area.

They have a number of short-term, medium-term and long-term objectives, some of which are quite ambitious. Apart from promoting and sponsoring local exhibitions and providing activities, such as courses, they ultimately plan to create a School of Fine Arts, attached to the University of Malaga.






The Current Exhibition – “Colectiva”

The inaugural exhibition of artworks at the Convento in Ronda is entitled “Colectiva”. It opened on 4 October and runs until 21 October, so there’s still time to catch it.

Admission is just 1 euro or free if you are a Ronda resident or have a tarjeta sesentaycinco.

When I visited this week, I was fortunate to meet three of the artists: Francisco Javier Lopez Rubio (Pacol) from Ronda, Carmen Ruiz Gomez from Sevilla and Ana Maria Slebi from Colombia. They were very engaging and gave me lots of useful background information.

                        "Pacol", Carmen and Ana Maria pose in front of their work [Photos: Paul Whitelock Photography]


You could easily while away an hour at this fascinating exhibition. I urge you to do so, before the 21 October.


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Websites and Facebook pages of interest:





Ana Maria Slabi

Carmen Ruiz Gomez

Charry TV

Convento de Santo Domingo, Ronda

Emilio Garcia

Elaine Moore

Francisco Javier Lopez Rubio ("Pacol")


Paul Whitelock



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