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Is Water4Gas The Real Deal

This is a discussion document about the water-to-fuel conversion concept relating to governments and the environment.

New Japanese Car Reported to Run On Water Alone
20 November 2008


A Japanese company claimed in June this year to have constructed the only car that could run on water alone and therefore having a completely environmentally friendly car emitting nil carbon gas emissions and not affecting global warming.
The Genepax company who have built the vehicle claim that it will run for 80km, approx.50 miles, on one litre of water but its only public appearance to date was very amateurishly videoed and can be viewed on Youtube.
So far very few exact details have been released by the company leading to some scepticism about their claims, one detail that has come out is that there is an electric motor involved from which one could assume this could lead to an electrolysis type system.
It may be natural in one way to protect secret company data but in this case Genepax are helping to raise more doubt about their invention by the way they have administered the launch of their so called ground breaking discovery.
You would be forgiven for thinking that a company who must have invested very considerable sums of money into their discovery would also have invested in a website, which nowadays is the quickest way to get any news out to a world wide audience, bit which in this case they did not.
Slightly less contentious is the fact that when Genepax announced the launch of their new product they also announced they had only just applied for a patent. It has always been my belief that when it comes to patents you kept your new idea under your hat until the ink had dried on your patent approval form.
As I am the supreme sceptic, when the above came to my notice I checked around and nearly all the press releases on this subject were dated Friday 13th (of June). An omen? Who knows, but at least it was not April 1st.
Genepax have let it be known that they would not be averse to collaborating with a major Japanese car maker to have their vehicle produced (subject of course that all is well).
How is this news going to change the motor industry, the oil industry, the road haulage industry, perhaps even aviation? Well do not hold your breath as they say. Even if you fancy a new water powered car for yourself there is plenty to consider.
Firstly, how long will it be before these new cars are in the showrooms in abundance, very early estimates say several years and that is if the technology works and is robust enough.
Next, what price, well even if you say $16000 (equal to approx. 8.500 pounds sterling) it is going to take you 5-8 years to pay off the loan, ok you have no fuel costs, but that is a lot of cash to risk on what is as yet untried technology.
If you have already decided to embrace the water/fuel concept, great, you can do so right now without waiting years and with absolute minimal expense. Your present car can be adapted to emit minimal carbon gas emissions, which will be of huge benefit to the global warming problem.
How, install a water to gas fuel conversion system and not only help save the environment but also save yourself a pile of money each time you fill up your tank.
Posted by  R Bill Williams
For further information on the water to gas fuel conversion system please visit:-

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The New Motoring Law Of Avoidable Distraction
07 September 2008

A new law in the UK which introduces prison terms for motorists who use mobile phones and other distracting actions and kill someone whilst driving will be enforced as of the 18th August.
The new sentencing rules will replace the old system which operated in law under the "careless driving" charge. The maximum sentence for causing death by careless driving under the old rules was a £5000 fine with penalty points added to your license.
The new legislation will cover persons who were "avoidably distracted" and kill by such actions as: -  texting on a mobile phone, drinking or eating, applying make-up, reading a map or adjusting a sat-nav or stereo whilst driving.
There is (in my opinion) a very controversial aspect to this legislation; some of the above rules cover making adjustments to fitted systems that exist within the vehicle for which the penalties can be very severe if a fatality results. There is to be a new offence introduced which will penalize uninsured, disqualified or unlicensed drivers who kill whilst driving, but the maximum penalties for these charges will only be a 2 year sentence of imprisonment.
Now lets look at the above again, if you make an adjustment to your sat-nav or radio whilst driving and kill someone through those actions you could get the maximum 5 years imprisonment; but if you chose to deliberately ignore the fact that you have no driving licence, no insurance or are already disqualified yet get behind the wheel of a car and kill someone you will only be liable to the lesser maximum sentence of 2 years imprisonment. Am I the only person on this planet who thinks this is wrong?
The average modern family saloon will have many control features fitted to the steering column (some will say too many causing confusion while driving, which defeats the object of safety) and also on the steering wheel itself. This new legislation covers adjusting a car stereo or sat-nav whose controls are not on the steering column, (yes some radios can be partially controlled from the column), does it therefore mean that whilst driving you cannot for instance adjust the heating/aircon controls or the ventilation vents, open the sun roof or adjust the rear view mirror or switch on the hazard warning lights whilst driving without being "avoidably distracted" and breaking the law, or should we have to pull over to the side of the road to do so?
Be very careful, Big Brothers' cameras will be out there watching you.
R. Bill Williams
For full information on Water4gas fuel conversion systems please visit

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By-Pass The New Road Tax (V.E.D.)
19 July 2008

It is now July ’08, less than 18 months to go to the year 2010. In 2010 the
UK government has legislated that the new V.E.D (Vehicle Excise Duty)
Tax will come into effect.
To sum up this new V.E.D. tax it simply means that if you bought a new car between March 2001 and March 2006, or if you now own a car first registered between these dates, if your car presently emits more than 186grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre then this new tax system affects you, (disappointment No.1).
For a standard car the annual road tax is approx. £120, if your car emits more than the accepted current lower rate of 120g of CO2 then you WILL be affected by this new taxation system. We are not just talking about so called “Chelsea tractors” or big engined luxury cars but ordinary family cars and estates like the Ford Mondeo and Renault Espace. Dependant on your vehicle your annual road tax could rise to £300 in 2009 and continue on to a whopping £430 in 2010, (disappointment No.2).
All the above has been well documented during the past months but if you are one of those unlucky owners, how does it affect you, apart from the tax increase? The government is hoping that all owners of cars with high CO2 emissions will trade them in and buy newer less polluting cars; you will now have noted that these politicians of ours still inhabit their own little world, (still based around John Lewis’s!). The first thing you will notice when you try to trade in your current vehicle is the price you will be offered for your trade-in; after all why should the car salesman offer you a full trade-in price for a car he’s likely unable to pass on, (disappointment No.3).
If you’re thinking of buying your first hybrid (possibly fuel-electric at approx. £18000+) car then consider this, a hybrid such as the Toyota Prius will cost you approx. an extra £5000 compared to a non hybrid similar car, the extra premium paid for the hybrid version will, according to motor trade sources, take you an extra 5 years to pay off. So after being forced to sell the car you thought you’d keep a few more years your annual motoring costs have now been forced up even more, (disappointment No.4).  With a worldwide recession looming many families will not be able to afford to do anything, which will mean they won’t be able to keep running their cars with the current high cost of fuel and punitive car tax, this will lead to the eventual scrapping of their car, for anyone living in a rural area this could have a tremendous effect on their everyday lives.
Now all of the above applies only if you have a vehicle with carbon dioxide emissions which exceed government stipulated targets. Wouldn’t it be nice to by-pass all those new regulations, keep your existing vehicle and only pay the lowest tariff of the new V.E.D.?
Yes it is possible and you can also increase your mpg by anything between 30-60% or even more. The answer lies in the Water4gas fuel conversion system which practically eliminates all carbon gas emissions, reduces engine wear and helps prevent global warming and improves the environment.
For full details of the system please visit:-

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The Car That Reads Road Signs
25 June 2008

At last a car maker has made a very positive step in assisting drivers to be aware of road warning signs regarding speed limits, no-overtaking signs and lane markings. The system is not only suitable for the UK but also for Europe.These days its not unusual to see more road signs cluttered together than there are branches on an oak tree covering the sam area, and as drivers we're supposed to see them all as we drive carefully by as there's no excuse in law not to!
How does it work? Very simple, Vauxhall, the company in question, have placed a mini-camera on the windscreen immediately behind the rear view mirror which can detect road signs ahead, its ground breaking technology enables it to take 30 still photos every second and then utilizes its image recognition software to identify the signs. When a sign is detected the information is sent to a display which shows the speed limit for the driver, whether the driver has  seen it or not. It will also sound an alert for the driver if that speed limit has changed recently.The system is also programmed to recognise any "no overtaking" signs and lane markings and will warn the driver if  he/she has strayed out of their lane. The camera is able to read the signs from a distance of 100 yards, is approximately the same size as a mobile phone and is connected to 2 signal processors that filter and read the signals.   When the Lane Departure Warning function is turned on, it uses software to read traffic lanes and record a driver's normal lane-changing behaviour, taking into account steering input and indicator usage.If any deviation is detected, an audible and visual warning is sent from the instrument panel, preventing hazardous situations, such as a driver falling asleep at the wheel.
Vauxhall have stated that the system will be installed in their Insignia model, which is the replacement for the ageing Vectra, and will be available next year. They have pointed out that there are several valid reasons why this system will be of benefit to all road users and pedestrians.
a) In "safety zone" areas such as schools or playing fields speed limits can be better adhered to by utilizing this sytem.
b) It could lead to less distraction from keeping your eyes on the road and driving more safely.
c) The system would also help to balance the situation more in favour of the driver in areas where speed zones change and speed cameras have been placed for revenue purposes rather than safety.
d) Drivers could minimize the risk of having penalty points added to their license.
e) In driving safely and not speeding less fuel will be used, carbon gas emissions reduced, thus helping save the environment

If you are interested in learning  about a water-fuel conversion system for cars and all other vehicles plus reducing carbon gas emissions and safeguarding the environment for the future please visit our website at:-

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So Is Water4Gas The Real Deal
03 June 2008

So is "Water4Gas" the real deal?
If this is so then why are governments all around the world not
joining in the fray in support especially so considering that
delegates from the majority of countries (180) around the
globe made such a hoo-ha about attending a huge "freebie"
on how to combat global warming and carbon gas emissions
on the paradise island of Bali in Dec '07.
Just one little point here, every taxpayer in those 180 countries
has been paying tax to send those delegates to these conferences,
held in various locations annually around the world since the 1997 Kyoto meeting.
While all this talking at conferences has been going on how has it
affected most people so far; whilst fuel prices have had a dip or two
over the years we are now paying more than ever for our motoring
fuel while carbon gas emissions and global warming still go on regardless.
Cars have been around now for approx.100 years, the engine of the car has hardly changed its basic concept- that it requires either petrol or diesel to operate.
There is new technology being discovered every day in all fields:-medicine, aerospace, food manufacturing, agriculture: therefore why on earth do we not accept that the technology of the car engine moves on. Basic answer- governments and big business (the oil companies). Well on this ocassion they have one big problem that makes opposition to the water-fuel movement more difficult in that its no one person holding a patent or registered design because its all open information. It doesn't need development  money as its here with us NOW.
When companies like Water4Gas can tell you for a small price how to make your own kit or you can purchase a full d-i-y kit and have it fitted for a reasonably small sum, how are the big boys going to substantiate their argument for not getting on board and for not only reducing the financial burden of owning a vehicle but also to play a major part in improving and not further destroying the enviroment of our planet.
One should not be naive and underestimate government thinking.
Who knows, if they do think that Water4Gas is the "Real Deal" they
will already be planning to make up the lost tax revenue resulting from less fuel purchased at the pumps.
The only way to win in this situation is to take advantage of the technology involved in Water4Gas and enjoy the benefits of much improved fuel consumption for your motor for years to come while making a positive contribution to the enviroment by causing less climate change through reduced gas emissions.
More detailed information on the design, installation ( no mechanical skill required) and approximate costings of the Water4Gas system can be
found at:-

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