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Inspired or just plain foolish!

Our move to Spain after 18 months of pondering and planning. Adventure or calamity - only time will tell.

Inspiration from Obama
06 November 2008

Its all so depressing - I really hope that we can all get inspiration from the current euphoria in the USA with the election of Obama.   We are really looking forward to our move to Spain but we keep getting knocked down daily with reports of doom and gloom.

I know its winter now, money is really tight, jobs are hard (if not impossible) to come by - but surely some of you really enjoy your life in Spain?

The weeks until February stretch out before me in a nightmare of 'sorting out'.  But we have next summer to look forward to and the chance to start our new business in the sun.  

We also can't sell our house in the UK - so we want to rent in the Alhaurin el Grande / Coin area from February onwards.  Any pointers to good rental agents in this area would be fantastic.   We plan to come out again in January to sort out stuff - do you think this is too late for a move at the end of February?

We dont have school or anything like that to sort out but do need an English speaking doctor for my very elderly mother in law who is having the adventure of her life by coming to Spain with us.  She has extraordinary good health at the moment but you never know!

Well back to my list of things to do - it seems to get longer if anything!

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I've started the countdown in my diary!
20 October 2008

We have now decided when we will be moving to Spain and I've added it to my diary so I am in countdown mode.
I now need a plan!
I have appointments with several franchise companies - still open minded but leaning towards two in particular.  I seem to live my life in a constant state of indecision - is this the right route or should I just look for jobs?  All the advice says not to rely on getting work - perhaps it is better to work for myself?  Researching if there is a market for any of the franchises I am looking for and what is the competition?  What is involved with setting up in business in Spain?
Even my psoriasis has flared up!

The plan is to move during the last two weeks of February next year.  We will need to rent a property on long term rental as we have now decided to give up trying to sell our house in the UK.  When should we do this?  I think that January will be soon enough and we plan to come over to Spain then too - so we can look.  If anyone thinks that is too late - please tell me.

I plan to take the dog for his rabies jab next month and we have started to sell off stuff that we don't want.

Adrian (husband) is retiring at Christmas so he will be able to start getting packed up but all the writing to people, sorting out legal stuff etc. will all be down to me.  Need to start looking through my filing cabinet and sorting out the years of dross that is stored there!

If only it was easy as just making the decision and then going.

Family have divided into two camps - the 'you'll never go' camp and the 'oh no - so you're really going' camp.
Each presents its own problems.  

Not looking to wish my life away - but it would be great to be able to skip the next six months.

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So much to do and so little time!
06 October 2008

Well we had a very interesting Saturday spent at a Franchising show which looks like the way we may proceed.  Of course not everything would be transferable to Spain and we need to spend some time looking to see if what we decide to do is practical and viable for us.  I need to be looking at Spanish franchising too I know.

What I do know is that I dont really want to run a retail outlet, bar or restaurant but that only narrows it down a certain amount.  I am an HR manager & quality/environmental consultant by trade now - but thats not necesssarily what I want to do in Spain. (is it best to stick to the devil you know or go for a complete change?)

Basically I need to make some decisions soon because I cant afford to live the Life of Riley in Spain for too long after we move without earning some money.   My husband's pension won't stretch quite that far!

We have had some really good comments about what to bring and what not to bring - thanks everyone who replied.  Its changed my perspective somewhat and I am not panicking so much about having to get rid of everything.  I think we will now bring more that we first intended and especially some tools - which has made my husband a happier man.

I feel that we are getting nearer now and the butterflies are starting to flutter a bit.  I am trying to be prepared as much as possible without using it as an excuse - or we will never be ready.  We had a frost this morning - its only 6 October and I had to scrape the car - bet its not frosty in Spain!

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To leave behind or not to leave behind? That is the question.
29 September 2008

That is the question?   Is it best to take stuff with us or should we come unladen with our old life?  My husband and I have spent a considerable amount of time debating what should come and what should not and my teenage daughter is adamant her life will end if she cannot bring all her books, DVD's and CD collection.

When in Spain I would rather be de-cluttered I think.  In the UK you need all your stuff to make you feel warm and cosy but surely that isn't necessary in Spain.  

I know that its pointless to bring electrical goods - but what about the computer?  Its not that old and holds lots of precious work.  We have a new flat screen TV - I think I heard somewhere that they can be tweaked to work OK in Spain?

We are busy planning what will happen when we get to Spain but the work involved to actually get to that point is a nightmare - where do you accumilate all this stuff from?   I keep quietly losing things so that no-one will notice.  You know -  if no-one has used it for the last 5 years then they surely won't notice that its gone.  It will not work with my husband's tools though and he has a shed full of them (he used to be a carpenter).  

By Christmas I want us to be living a minimalist lifestyle but it will be very painful to get to that point.  I just keep telling them all that the packing cases are too expensive!

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4 months and counting!
26 September 2008

OK, OK, Perhaps the timing is all wrong, perhaps the credit crunch makes it all a bit foolish but if we dont do it now - we never will. 

We decided to move to Spain in July 2007 and have been planning it ever since.  We have looked at different areas, We started in the Costa Blanca North - then Costa Blanca South - then Mercia and have decided to go to the Costa del Sol.  We must be mad because it is so much more expensive but inland is so beautiful!  

We have decided to try about 20 to 30 minutes inland so that we have the advantage of being able to get to the coast for work.

We have tried and failed to sell our house in the UK so if we have not sold by November (fat chance) we are going to rent it out and rent in Spain.  All the advice I get says we should do that anyway.

My hubby is retiring - lucky devil - but I need to work and I have been trawling the internet for jobs and exploring franchise opportunities.  I hear all the warnings about lack of work opportunities but I have to give it a go.

I have been studying Spanish for a year - a long way off being fluent but hey - every little helps and I am impressed with how much I understand now.  My daughter did Spanish GCSE and speaks better than me - so between us we hope to have taken the first step on the ladder.

I have read every book I can lay my hands on and searched hundreds of web sites.  What frightens me most is not being able to get good reliable advice and making new friends.  Hopefully by blogging my way in - I can overcome that. Its a pleasure to be able to do that. 

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