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A Foot in Two Campos

Thoughts from a brand new home-owner in the Axarquía region of Málaga. I hope there might be some information and experiences of use to other new purchasers, plus the occasional line to provoke thought or discussion.

109 - Just Sitting
25 June 2014 @ 21:59

If there'd been a World Cup for sitting, Spain would have won it.  It's a daily activity and it is taken almost to an art form.  The best thing about sitting, is the practising.

Every Andulcían pueblo has its old benches with the old guys sitting there.  Busy doing nothing, but doing it in company.

I have no idea what brought out this extra burst of sitting activity in Colmenar this week - perhaps the fact that the road opposite them was being re-surfaced?  Or perhaps it was the day after Spain was knocked out of the football World Cup and it was a chance to sit in glum silence together.



The beaches along southern Spain are of course ideal for sitting.  This woman was soaking up the sun's rays on a remote beach.



San Juan is the night of pagan rituals, cleansing our sins by washing our feet in the sea at midnight, and jumping over fires (last year’s blog “Pagan Night” went viral as it was re-blogged by a couple of widely-followed pagan e-newsletters!).  These two lads stayed long after the midnight excitement, letting their fire slowly die down, and watching the waves lapping in as the hordes of people quietly drifted away.



Málaga's sea wall between the port and the Malagueta beach offers a picturesque spot to sit.  From a distance it is impossible to tell - a proposal?  a break-up?  or just deciding what to do next?






Back in the pueblos the men continue to sit.  These two can be found most days in the main square in Colmenar.  They get quite heated in their debates.  For these two, political debate over local and national events is their daily oxygen.   



Photo of the Month or perhaps Photo of the Year for me is this lovely snatched shot by Jess Lewis of Riogordo in the nearby village of Frigiliana.  It epitomises life in Spain.  He is, literally, the picture of contentment.  It's the old age we would all wish for.


(You can book a holiday staying in Riogordo and touring Andalucía with SpanishDetours which is run by Jess and her husband Shane).



©  Tamara Essex 2014



Still learning conditionals in class, we have been practising giving advice.  For some reason we were discussing the parents of a wayward teenager.

Deberían ponerle limites - They should set limits for him.

Les recomiendo que le pongan limites - I recommend to them that they set limits for him.

Si fuera yo, le pondría limites - If it were me, I would set limits for him. 

Debes ponerle limites - You should set limits for him (this is much stronger).


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RonArt said:
28 June 2014 @ 16:04

I'm betting the man in the last photo (Frigiliana) is not Spanish. He appears to be sitting alone. The favorite past time in Spain is talking (not listening, just talking). If a person in Spain is not talking (sitting or standing), s/he's not Spanish. LOL

Thanks for the reminder on conditionals. It reminded me to review what I had documented before. This site does not allow HTML but it may accept the link to my shared document:

Conditional Sentences
IF conditional clause, [then] result clause

0. The Zero Conditional – 100% probability, at anytime
Something that can happen right now
Use “IF (subject)” or “WHEN (subject)” plus the Present Indicative plus “,”
[then] (subject) plus the Present Indicative
If you heat ice, it melts.
Usa “SI (subjeto)” o “CUANDO (subjeto)” y el Presente de indicativo y “,”
[entonces] (subjeto) y el Presente de indicativo
Si calientas hielo, se derrite.

When people don't eat, they starve.
Cuando la gente no come, se muere de hambre.

I. The Future Conditional – 50% probability, in the future
Something that might happen in the future
Use “IF (subject)” plus the Present Indicative plus “,”
[then] (subject) plus the Future “WILL(SHALL)” plus verb
If I go to the park tomorrow, I will take my dog.
Usa “SI (subjeto)” y el Presente de indicativo y “,”
[entonces] (subjeto) y el Futuro y el verbo
Si voy al parque mañana, llevaré mi perro.

If it rains next week, I shall stay home.
Si llueve la próxima semana, me quedaré en casa.

II. The Present Conditional – 1% probability, in the present
Something that right now isn't happening and may not happen
Use “IF (subject)” plus the Imperfect Subjunctive plus “,”
then (subject) plus the Conditional “WOULD(SHOULD)” plus verb
If I were king, I would rule my kingdom.
Usa “SI (subjeto)” y el Imperfecto de subjuntivo y “,”
[entonces] (subjeto) y el Potencial Simple y el verbo

Si fuera un rey, gobernaría mi reino.

If I had an extra million dollars, I would give them to you.
Si tuviera un millón de dolares extra, te los daría.

III. The Past Conditional – 0% probability, in the past
Something that didn't happen in the past or wasn't able to happen in the past
Use “IF (subject)” plus the Past Perfect Subjunctive plus “,”
then (subject) plus the Conditional Perfect “WOULD(COULD) HAVE” plus Past Participle
If I had won, I would have bought a car.
Use “SI (subjeto)” y el Pluscuamperfecto de subjuntivo y “,”
[entonces] (subjeto) y el Potencial compuesto habría y el participio pasado
Si hubiera ganado, habría comprado un coche.

If I could have helped you / If I had been able to help you, I would have done it.
Si te hubiera podido ayudar, lo habría hecho.

NOTES: (n) below refers to the Tense number in 501 Spanish Verbs
(1) Present Indicative (Present Simple) = Presente de indicativo (4) Future = Futuro
(7) Imperfect Subjunctive = Imperfecto de subjuntivo (5) Conditional = Potencial simple
(14) Past Perfect Subjunctive (Pluperfect Subjunctive) = Pluscuamperfecto de subjuntivo
(12) Conditional Perfect = Potencial compuesto ( ) Past Participle = Participio pasado

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