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NEVER FAR FROM HELP [the school run adventures]
04 November 2010

Its been a funny day today ,running around like a headless chicken.My wifes car went in to the garage to be repaired so i was left to do the school run before going off to work.Also my sons birthday so he was up at about 6am all excited so we are all up. Things started well presents open and ready for school ,into the works van with my eldest son and off to school. school runs not so simple now two boys different schools different times ,so its back for my second boy and off to the next school [now realise what my wife puts up with everyday ,but i won't tell her that] finally of to work .work goes well,then its alarm bells and the kids need to be picked up. jump in the van all smug as i haven't recieved the call from my wife reminding me not to forget the kids.This is where my day and life start to erupt as the van suddenly dies outside lauro golf course.At this point panic sets in as i realize the thing i forgot this morning [fill the van with diesel] . sheepishly i phone my wife and tell her whats happened,after i get my hearing back i call a good friend Bob who drops everything and brings emergency supplies, diesel ,earplugs, shin pads , and a tent just for safe measure. Finally we get the van running and i'm off to the school, hardly have time to thank Bob ,and turn up ten minutes late, wife and child waiting.On the plus side i was half hour early picking up my eldest son ,so all in all not a bad average.

p.s thank god for bob



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