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Stashu and Michou Looking for Spain and her people

A journal of travelling to and getting to know the people of Spain as we assimilate into this beautiful country and learn the customs and traditions of this land.

Starting the Adventure into the "New World"
08 June 2016

The title of this post refers to the "new world."  As Americans, we are well aware that our country measures its existence in decades rather than millenia; we are fascinated by the thousand-years long history of a  country like Spain.  It is the centuries-long and unique history of Spain that makes us want to explore, enjoy, and embrace the wonders that Spain has to offer. 

In our eagerness to assimilate,  we are starting our education very early: years before we are ready to reserve our flight! Because of the wealth of information available, we acknowledge there may be moments of insecurity, but we know that between the guidance we will find here and the warmth and welcoming nature of Spain, we will doubtless find our "Paradise!"

As we move into our "new world," we hope to utilize the excellent resources found on this site to share our thoughts, questions, and increase our knowledge even more as we prepare our transition to our world.  We hope to arrive with as much knowledge possible of Spain today.

We look forward to a lively dialogue with everyone here, newcomers and experienced alike.


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