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Information for those living, working in, or just experiencing what Spain has to offer. Amanda has worked 9 years in Spain with a Spanish lawyer and spent a great deal of time helping expats and enjoying this special country.

Beaute Mediterranea Beauty Products
11 August 2017

I like to share all that I accumulate during my time in Spain, not necessarily wholly on legal and tax matters.

So this article is now going to tell you about a secret find of mine. Mercadona; our local supermarket, tries to bring some Spanish branded quality products to their shelves. In fact, an impressive Spanish marketing lawyer told me last year that many Spanish supermarkets sell a few quality brands of beauty products at vastly reduced prices.

Intrigued by the unusual name sounding as if it was from "Game of Thrones" I picked up a jar of Beaute Mediterranea "Dragon's Blood Cream" in Mercadona for 5 euros and tried it.

This is an exceptional quality anti ageing cream enriched with the extract of croton lechleri tree resin (otherwise known as dragon’s blood - unusual nice smell), with exceptional regenerative properties, transforming skin to reveal extraordinary softness and increased elasticity.  It contains a blend of vitamins, soothing aloe vera and nourishing vitamin E to provide hydrating, protective and regenerative benefits.  It usually retains at 32 pounds sterling!

They also offer one more product from this Barcelona based company for around the same price at under 5 euros: an Instant Reduction product for under the eyes' bags and wrinkles (It is amazing!).

These products are usually 32 pounds to over 100, so if I was you I would take a look in Mercadona. Personally, I like the  Beaute Mediterranea Botox Like Syn-Ake Eye Contour Cream, which I have had to order online.  

Have fun ladies...finding some great products so cheaply! And please let me know any finds you have made....


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New Law - Now Possible to Divorce At a Spanish Notary not in Court
11 August 2017

Please read carefully as this does not mean that you can necessarily enter a Notary and obtain a divorce without a solicitor being involved. However, this is a very positive new law.

To explain, there has been a very recent development this year, after The Law of Voluntary Jurisdiction 15/2015 of 2nd July came into force on 23rd July 2015.  From this year Notaries in Spain are able to arrange marriages and grant divorces in cases whereby it is amicable and also that there are no mutual children.

The new law is called “Voluntary jurisdiction”, as now some aspects which previously had to go before a Court can be resolved voluntarily before a Notary, with both parties attending. This also includes marriage. For a Notary to be able to rule on a divorce there has to be complete agreement between the two parties, prepared in a deed. If this is not the case then it will be necessary for a lawyer to put in a proceeding to Court. Equally, if there are children or other issues that complicate matters. Why? This new law was to relieve some of the administrative burdens on Spanish Courts and it is a welcome relief to those who are aware how slowly some over worked Courts can be with regard to these matters.  Many people have waited over a year in the past to obtain a simple divorce and now can obtain a quicker and easier divorce when no children are involved.


When divorcing, one or both of the applicants must live in the area of the last usual residence of either one of them and they must be assisted with preparing the deed of the agreement by a practising lawyer as it has to follow certain requirements meeting the provisions of the civil code. Do not forget if it is not amicable or there are children the divorce cannot be done in the Notary. 

A little while back a lady approached us. She wanted a Spanish divorce as they both live in Spain, it was amicable and there were no mutual children.  

We advised her that generally, we need:

1.- Title deeds


3.- Padron (both would be perfect, otherwise just one of them)

4.- Original marriage certificate apostilled if not Spanish

5.- Information about any assets of both of them and how they will be split

6.- Passports and NIE

7.- Power of attorney if required

So if a friend of yours thinks divorce in Spain is going to be expensive and no children are involved, and it is amicable, they can now get this processed much quicker through a Notary and solicitor, rather than going to Court.

I hope this reassures some people who read this.

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