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Alvise Pérez: The Booby-hatch Politician
Tuesday, June 11, 2024 @ 8:00 PM

Alvise Pérez and his Se Acabó la Fiesta ('the Party's Over Party') got three seats in the recent European elections.

Simply put, he’s a kind of far-right version of the Monster Raving Loony Party: his main election-promise being to build a huge jail and put one person in it – namely Pedro Sánchez (video).

Another example of him on YouTube here or here in another video, where he supports the anti-abortionists Hazte Oir.

He is known, says Newtral, as a publisher of fake-news on his own YouTube channel.

Alvise is known in the social media world but has barely been noticed by the mainstream media. His arrival in politics and even more so, in the European parliament has come as a complete surprise to all pundits. His party has published no program and he seems to make it up on the spot. The media refer to him as an 'ultra-right agitator' which, eveidently, his followers see as a plus.

Now with parliamentary immunity, Alvise Pérez says he intends to remain in Spain. A subject that is picked up here by El Salto Diario: ‘Alvise Pérez's party (party) has just begun (and he will stay away from the courts). The extremist agitator has achieved his objective of obtaining judicial immunity to hinder the criminal cases pending against him. Currently, he faces two legal proceedings’.

‘Why did you vote for Alvise asks LaSexta here (notably, all the voters were male says the article). Well, to make a point, they say...

From El Mundo here: ‘Alvise's ideology: closer to Nayib Bukele (president of El Salvador) than to Abascal with "the largest prison in Europe on the outskirts of Madrid". The leader of Se Acabó La Fiesta is closer in his proposals to the Salvadoran leader than he is to Vox, with whom he shares the campaign against illegal immigration’.

From ECD here: ‘The PP does not recognize Alvise as part of the “centre-right bloc”’.

Onda Cero says it is hard to explain Alvise Pérez – whose party has leached 800,000 votes from Vox: ‘Defining Alvise Pérez from a political point of view is not an easy task. We are talking about a far-right agitator, with a certain influence on social networks and who has quite a few legal cases behind him, some for which he has been convicted. By the way, when Alvise Pérez enters the European Parliament as an MEP - in addition to pocketing more than 400,000 euros in the next five years - he will enjoy parliamentary immunity that would guarantee him, among other things, "to freely exercise his mandate without being exposed to arbitrary political persecution"…’ Plus he’ll take another million or so in government subsidies.

In short (in my opinion), a cockroach.


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