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Some stories and experiences after a lifetime spent in Spain

Something Different
Sunday, January 9, 2022 @ 7:12 PM

It must be getting harder to come up with a new cuisine around here. We are spoilt for choice. We have Spanish restaurants, British, French, Arab, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Argentinean, Columbian and Thai restaurants. We have German. There are a number of Dutch places. We have nouvelle, hunt and fish restaurants. Beach-bar grub. Pizzas and burgers. There’s a Donner Kebab. Sometimes the menus are lovingly translated into Spanish even if the staff don't speak a word of it. Hey, you can always point.

We shall sooner or later even have both the Colonel and Ronald Macdonald, lucky us, probably situated in one or another of the increasing number of empty banks (with bullet-proof windows). We have tapa bars and bocaterias (submarine sandwiches). You can dine on Tex-mex or munch on paella. There’s still room here, I grant you, for both a Greek and a Suchi restaurant. In fact, and here’s a suggestion, you could even combine the two.

Not bad. In the old days, we just had chicken knuckles, lamb lumps, crotch-meat and sardine-heads. All that at fifty cents per customer with a bottle of wine thrown in for good measure.

Sometimes even a full one.

I was thinking that there is space here, however, for a really good off-world diner. Besides Dibbler’s rat-on-a-stick and the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, it’s a hard fact that the world is remarkably thin on decent alien eateries.

I imagine being served something colourful ('tastes like chicken') by a waiter with an over-indulgence of fingers. Perhaps a decanter of ('tastes like wine') darfle-grog. Do you see where I'm going with this? Pictures of the Planet Clunk would decorate the walls while squirty-music played sofly.

Perhaps my friends would come and throw bits of clump at each other.

So, it’s just a suggestion, but it could play well to the gallery, don’t you think?

Good Lord no. I haven’t had a drink all day.

Not even a darfle-grog.

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