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Sharing advice on Spanish Deposit Reclaims is a specialised service established to help those people wronged typically in the period 2004 to 2009, when in good faith many were duped into paying a deposits to start the purchase of a Spanish Property, very often for ‘off-plan’ developments.

Our blog is here to give independent advice to those whom may have been wronged or victimised by Spanish Banks & developers gone bust.

Are you a victim of poor Investment Advice in Spain?
12 January 2017

Are you a victim of poor Investment Advice in Spain?

The majority of enquiriesfor Spanish deposit reclaims often state they were given poor advice resulting in their off-plan property purchase never being completed. Unfortunately, many fell foul to glossy brochures, aggressive sales pitches, and empty promises.  This resulted in thousands of property investors losing deposit monies placed on off-plan properties never completed and only to find the developer in question had been liquidated or in Bankruptcy.

The way in which the property market was run in Spain pre-2008 was appalling and we see wronged borrower’s day in day out. And despite the sums of money often being substantial it is essential that you look forward and not back. January is often a time when people prepare for a New Year with Personal Goals, why not make your goal to recover the tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds lost on off-plan property investments.

Are you one of these who was given poor investment advice? You are entitled to a full refunds on you Spanish Deposit. Firstly you need to contact a company who are specialists. These specialists know that it is the Banks who are responsible and therefore know what directions to take in proceeding with your case.

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