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Hi this is about views on life in Spain, including mine of course!. I have lived and worked here for 30 years, so I have a lot of personal experiences that could be useful to others. I speak fluent Spanish and work in a lawyers office now, so legal advice can be obtained if necessary.

Smokng Restrictions in Spain
20 January 2011

The new restrictions inroduced in January to control smoking are causing quite a stir , some people seem to be really emotive about the new laws. I'm a smoker and now have to go outside to smoke, which I really don't mind. especially as the weather here is not too bad and a lot of bars have covered terraces so that we don't get wet. I heard a lady on the radio the other day getting quite agitated, because she said that now she couldn't sit outside and had to go inside, as there were people blowing smoke in her face on the terrace. Well I don't know which bars she frequents but I've never seen anyone deliberately blow smoke into someones face. I try to sit down wind so that the other people on the terrace aren't effected. Surely, next to the exhaust fumes, planes flying over etc... a little smoke outside is not really so bad anyway.  

Well all has gone quiet on that front, generally everyone is accepting the fact that they have to smoke outside. there have been a few individuals that have tried to protest, but after a hefty fine, have decided to conform.

Now we have the speed restrictions which to be honest don't really bother me much, from 120 down to 110 kph It doesn't seem to have made much difference in my area. You still get people flying past at 150 kph or much more.Can anyone tell me why more often than not it's a black car that speeds past?. It must have something to do with the personality of people who choose that colour, that would make an interesting study, Are there any links between the colour of your car and the way you drive. I'm sure that the insurnce companies must have been into that. 

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