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My life in Murcia

This blog is about my daily working life in Murcia, Spain. I run a small snagging company, have 1 husband, 2 small children and 2 large Great Dane dogs, so life can be a little hectic!!!

Summer is here at last
05 May 2009

Well after a few weeks of rain and wind the weather here in Murcia seems to have finally made the transition into Summer. We have clear blue skies and mid 20's temperatures.

For any one who is planning a trip here in the next few weeks, either to complete on a property they have purchased, or just to relax and enjoy the countryside and climate you have chosen a great time to be here. May is always one of my favourite months as the weather is still not too hot and the countryside is still green.

Many businesses here only operate during the summer months, so resorts like Los Alcazares are now filling up with beach bars and the many restaurants that close for winter are coming alive again.

We are getting ready for the long school holidays. Our kids only have 6.5 weeks left of school and then we have the 11 week traditional Spanish summer holiday to entertain them. Any ideas on how to keep a 5 and 6 year old happy once they get bored with the pool and beach would be appreciated!!!

As everyone knows the economy in Spain, as in other countries, is not great at the moment, so the chance to sit in the sun, drink a beer (only 1 euro in my local village) is very much appreciated. Many business are struggling as fewer tourists are visiting, and those that are arriving from the UK are finding their money does not go as far.

I must say however that even though times are tough I would rather be here than in Reading, Berks, where I was based before moving out 5 years ago. When you wake up in the morning and the sun is shining it does make everything seem a little better and puts you in a better mood than watching the grey skies and rain which can sometimes drag on in the UK.

From a work perspective we are busy getting ready for several resorts to be completed in the region, Corvera, Mar Menor 2 and the La Isla development on Condado de Alhama. Although many people may be wondering whether they are doing the right thing in continuing with there off plan purchase I expect that those that do will begin to see the advantages once this economic climate has passed, hopefully soon.

We have our local fiesta in the village of Los Belones this week and there are many activities taking place. Free beer was giving out on Sunday!!!!! The kids are enjoying the fun fair and the beer tent is set up in the main square. I am a little disappointed that the foam party will not be taking place this year, as this was my first experience at the age of 41 and it was thoroughly enjoyable even thought I lost one of my flip flops!!!!

Most go and get kids and start the feedging frenzy!!!

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Update on living in Murcia
19 November 2008

Having set up my blog several months ago I am only now getting the chance to post anything!!! What with the summer holidays and the kids off from school and having a very busy time working hard running the snagging company I never got the chance to spend blogging. Anyway I thought I would start trying to post on a regular basis.

The weather in Murcia has been a little wet over the last few weeks but we are now hopefully through the worst of it and the lovely sunshine has returned. The kids are enjoying school which is great but I seem to spend all weekend rushing from ballet dancing to horse riding and the numerous birthday parties they get invited too. I spent last Saturday night at an indoor ball park surrounded by 200 screaming chilren!! I remember the days when I would spend my Saturday nights in a wine bar and good adult company!!! Anyway such is family life.

We are still thoroughly enjoying our time in Spain and in January our family will grow as my husbands parents will be moving here from Swaziland, where they have lived for the last 5 years. I am not sure what they will make of the local Spanish fisherman taking their early morning beers in the bars of Los Nietos or my mothers mad next door neighbour with wild hair and a very bad case of BO, but hopefully they will learn to love it as we do.

I have restarted my Spanish lessons. This is the fourth time I have joined a course in September!!! I have previously lasted about 6 weeks and then found excuses not to continue, but this time I am trying to stick it out. It is getting very embarrassing sending in my 4 year old to ask questions in shops, and both children are now discussing topics in Spanish which I cannot understand. I am sure they are plotting some sort or rebellion judging by the grins on their faces. So hopefully in the next few months I will be expert and able to communicate with all the Spanish locals.

I have just had a phone call to inform me that John Sargeant has walked out of Strictly Come Dancing!! I am devastated as this is the one programme I try to watch on TV. I was hoping he would eventually win the show and the British public would let the judges know what they thought of the rude and insensitive comments they have made. Always a lover of the underdog I felt he added another dimension to the show and provided great entertainment.

Well must get back to work have just seen a few e-mails arrive so better get to it.

Have a great weekend.



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