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sick of the stench

We have lived in Murcia Spain for a little over three and half years. We are trying to drum up support to change the bad practices that exist regarding the treatment of pigs and the related health hazards to both animals and humans. Does anyone have any ideas?

Pigs in Spain
20 October 2010

 After reading some of the European legislation regarding the welfare of pigs, I decided to make my case and approach Seprona.  I had already tried to find out the name of the person who owned the farm but strangely no-one knows not even his neighbour of twenty years or more! After waiting over a year for Seprona to respond to my written (Spanish and English) complaint which was accompanied by a map of the area clearly showing the location of the farm and copies of the relevant European legislation, I visited Seprona in Lorca and this time spoke with the two officers responsible for the 3000 or more pig farms in the area that they cover. They read my complaint and pointing towards a pile of files on the desk indicated that they had many complaints to deal with. The two officers agreed to visit the farm and so they did several days later.  But after visiting my home they left not having been able to alert the farmer or inspect the farm building as it the gateway was padlocked.   They appologised and suggested that I get my neighbours to join me and present a petition as they agreed that the smell itself was bad enough on the day they visited.  However, they did point out that unlike other pig rearing countries, in this part of Spain, the heat was a major factor in making the smell worse.I had already told them that the pigs are never cleaned from the time they enter the farm to the time they leave. I am hoping that someone out there has had a good experience in solving a similar problem and I would be grateful for any advice.

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