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Hire Car Security.

Information regarding Hire Car security at Airports.

Hire Car Security.
25 October 2010



We’ve all heard, or read in the local press, stories of people being followed from the airport and then robbed on arrival at their holiday destination. There is usually only one reason for this; the ruddy great advert on the back of the hire car!


Hire car rental companies don’t care that their free fluorescent dayglow advertising stuck usually on the back window of the vehicle is an open invitation to bandidos, informing them that your brain is in holiday mode and that you are, therefore easy pickings, leaving house doors open, luggage on the pathway, keys in doors and throwing windows open: “Just to get some air in the place, Darling.” 


There is a very simple solution to this piece of nonsense, simply remove the sticker when you collect your car at the airport. It will peel off quite easily and you can bin it, the rental companies won’t care as they have hundreds of the things. You can then drive away knowing that you haven’t got the equivalent of a huge arrow suspended over your vehicle saying: ‘Here’s another one’.

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