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Guide to renting house in Spain

Written by fairflats estate agency in valencia, spain. This is a blog outlining the best processes to find your rental property in spain. Trials, tribulations, problems and tips!

Renting your property in Spain
18 May 2012



Some clues about Renting your property in Spain.


Where are the good properties?

Often the problem our clients encounter is that they cannot find apartments of sufficient quality. This could be because of issues with price / location, or simply that the quality of the flats isn't up to scratch. This is a problem rooted in the strange problem that there is too much choice. The Spanish real estate market is still developing. Most of the problems are caused by the fact that the modus operandi here is for each 'particular' to represent their own property. Landowners often think that they know best, and thus set their own prices, conditions and marketing philosophies for their properties. This deprofesionalisation of the market leads to an oversaturation of properties and most frustratingly, a lack of consistency in the properties bought to market.

SOLUTION: Try websites such as to filter your properties.

How to search

Where there is a lack of professionalism, professionalism is key. Make sure you set out the criteria for your search early. Do not deviate from this criteria. If you want a 2-bedroom furnished property, don't waste your time going to see 1-bedroom unfurnished property, whatever the promises from the landowner / agent. Remember, the property you want is out there, but it's up to you to ensure that you can find it. Your interest lies in the specifications of your property, not in satisfying the interest of landlords / agents. Stay strong and the property you are searching for at the price you want it is out there!

SOLUTION: Try websites such as to view property details and photos before viewing.

Hints and tips

Every market is different, that’s why inexperienced buyers can have some trouble coming to terms with local marketplace. In a foreign environment, the importance of professional advice cannot be understated. Find an agent that you trust in the area you are searching. Remember, a small commission is nothing compared to the money you will be saving by encountering the right property at the right price. Make sure it’s all legal, make sure there are contracts, make sure the landlord is solvent, and do it all by going through the proper channels. Stay away from website such as until you are sure that you have the expertise to navigate potential issues without assistance.

Fairflats Estate Agency is a Valencia based professional intermediary. 



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