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Overseas Remembrance

The formation of an organisation that exists to honour and pay respect to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and democracy and who continue to fight oppression and tyranny. To provide assistance and advice to ex-pats living in Spain.

The Overseas Remembrance Society
30 May 2008

Please note a correction to the e-mail address to enquire about the Overseas Remembrance Society and seek further information. The corrected e-mail now reads

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The Overseas Remembrance Society
30 May 2008

There are many seperate and varied organisations operating in Spain that provide a means for like minded people to meet and enjoy companionship, friendship and a sense of belonging. Some organisations have a reasonable size membership from long standing whilst others, are somewhat in their infancy. Most, if not all, collect money for donations to charity.

There is of course other well established organisations that provide similar facilities of companionship for its members and who collect money for charity but is confined only to assisting those who meet specific criteria. The conduct of business is shrouded with bureaucracy from a plethora of rules, regulations and laws. It often leads to unrest and disharmony.

The Overseas Remembrance Society is an organisation that whilst recognising the need for people to form their own particular groups etc, with their own set of rules, believes that there is a need for people to be able to pay their respects and honour those of our comrades who fell on the field of battle and continue to die fighting oppression and tyranny. Overseas Remembrance is being formed to allow people to do this. It will allow people to continue organising themselves with their own rules but at the same time allow them to honour our Armed Forces, past and present, and provide assistance to their families and dependants. If you are the head of any ex-pat organisation and would like to learn more about the Overseas Remembrance Society, please

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