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Sitges Real Estate

The best place to stay in Spain.. SITGES..

Sitges Real Estate
13 December 2010

Reasons why move to Sitges Barcelona Spain.

Barcelona is a city that since the 1992 Olympics and the enormous investment the city has received a very popular tourist destination, especially for holidays and short holiday market. Here we see the 10 reasons

Why Barcelona is worth a visit.

1. Weather in Barcelona with eight to nine months of sunshine, which means that even if you can not, of course, is no guarantee of good weather on their journey, there is a reasonable chance of good weather.

2. Barcelona is on the coast and beaches are miles of beaches all the way to Sitges and extends both to the north. Barcelonas main beach is divided into five smaller so the beaches and the opening of each attracts a different thing.

3. FC Barcelona is one of the most popular clubs in the world, and I go to Barcelona to try to attend one of the games at home to FC Barcelona, which is the league, cup or the Champions League. Barcelona has a lot of good players like Messi, Ronaldinho and Thierry Henry and to see these players are a treat. Day trips to the Nou Camp is also very profitable.

4. Tapas. If you are a fan of tapas you and all want to enjoy some taps

5. Gaudi - Barcelona is famous for the buildings of Gaudi and Sagrada Familia is a place worth a visit. This church is over 100 years to build and assess the needs of another 100-year diploma. To see some of the works of architecture of the nineteenth century was well worth it if you get a chance.

6. The harbor front. Marina area is a great area to hang near the city center and an aquarium, a 3D cinema and restaurants.

7. Opportunity to try Adventure - Barcelona is a great place to look for events such as balloons, canoeing and dragon boat racing, in particular, the ideal climate to try this type of event.

8. Bars - may be useful to visit and places to meet people and have a beer Spanish

9. Flamenco - Not an annual flamenco festival in Barcelona every summer, which can be a fun festival to attend if you are able to do

10. Restaurants - Restaurants in Barcelona attracted many people and so many things that you have a large variety and are bound to find it at your convenience.

If you plan to have a vacation in Sitges visit our website for bookings and reservations.

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