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Living with the Presidente.

A tongue in cheek account of living with the Presidente, OR how to survive and extended 'family' of 183.

E-mailing with your leg in the air.........................
11 November 2008 @ 20:00

El Presidente told me to rest my ankle today.

El Presidente asked me to e-mail all our owners about the Communal Legal English Satallite TV today. Keep your leg UP, he said. ( ???????????? )

So I sat, at the computer desk, with my right leg at right angles propped on a chair with a cushion under my foot and typed.

It's type with your leg at right angles and in the air.

B***** this.....................I'm off for a ciggie with my LEG UP, of course ! !



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candyfloss said:
12 November 2008 @ 08:09

OMG Karen,
Didn't realise it was that serious when I laughed. Poor puss, take it easy xx

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