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Living with the Presidente.

A tongue in cheek account of living with the Presidente, OR how to survive and extended 'family' of 183.

30 September 2008 @ 17:50


You would NOT bloomin' believe it !!!!

Some great big idiot has stuck his ( it MUST be a man )

great big size 18 footprints ALL over our nice white newly

painted wall !!! ( how, why, when ? )

El Presidente just shook his head................Mrs El Presidente

has found the swear box ( AGAIN ) and is filling it rapidly !!!

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Mark said:
30 September 2008 @ 16:49

There's always one isn't there?? Could have been worse, someone could have taken the Wet Paint sign literally :0)

More said:
30 September 2008 @ 18:24

Can't you make it part of a mural ?

I hope you chose silk paint so it wipes clean ? No ? hmm, ok.

I do sympathise. You worked hard but seems there's ALWAYS one.

dtpesca said:
02 October 2008 @ 16:49

I would do a cinderella on the community Karen. Whoevers foot matches the prints is made to paint the light wells!

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