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Living with the Presidente.

A tongue in cheek account of living with the Presidente, OR how to survive and extended 'family' of 183.

Back.............nothing much has changed !
01 September 2008 @ 19:17

Well, El Presidente and myself arrived home late last night and it was good to feel the warmth after leaving East Mids airport in the pouring rain!
The visit was, as expected, sad and with lots of tears, but we left Dad, who has limited sight and is 92, organised for life on his own with frozen meals ordered and someone to come in and cook them and clean for him. He is adament that he wants to be in his own house and he does manage well and loves his garden and has no medical problems, so all we can do is what he asks and let him be, tho it's hard to leave him and I cried all the way home.

If I'd known what awaited us here, I might have cried a bit more !!!

This morning we were assailed by the banging of our door ( why not use the bell provided ? ) and there was an irate lady outside ( not English or Spanish ) and she wanted to know why she did not have any TV.
We explained that we didn't have TV either but it turned out that she'd never had TV and she wanted it now and according to her, it was the Presidente's responsibility to provide it for her free of charge.

El Presidente explained to her that it was not part of his remit to ensure that every nationality had TV and he told her where she could go ( ! ! ! ) to find out the cost of the type of TV she wanted.

She does not want to pay for her TV. She will not pay for her TV. It must be provided for her out of her Community fees, which, incidentally, she has not paid.

The 'lady' left in a bit of a huff when El Presidente told her that this would not be so and he had no more to say on the subject.

I don't suppose he'll get her vote at the next AGM.

Our resident know all has informed us that the pool water is evaporating and the Community should not be filling it up. So shall we just leave it and when it's empty, use it as a skating rink?

The Vice President has informed the newly arrived tenants of an apartment, the owner of which is in massive arrears, that the apartment is about to be repossesed via embargo and the owner is bellowing down the phone at El Presidente while I type.

 When he's finished listening to the verbal abuse from the owner in arrears, El Presidente is going down to sort out the timer on the electronic pool gate so the pool will be closed earlier. This has to happen because the pool has no independent lighting but there will be some complaints in the morning I'm sure.

 Well, that'll make a change, won't it??

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dtpesca said:
01 September 2008 @ 18:01

I know how you feel about leaving your dad as my nan is 91 and is able bodied but sadly losing the head but is still adamant that she does not want to live in a home, so we muddle by with home help, friends and relatives but it is very hard.

As for the return to our lovely community, I can only offer my sympathies. I cannot believe people like this exist and what their expectations are for what I regard as a very good community and community fee. Perhaps highlight on the notice board (i know it comes with the agm annual report) what the charge covers, and perhaps make it a community rule that all owners have to be on direct debit. I would certainly propose or second and motion of this nature as it would hopefully cut down on defaulters as it is not fair on those of us who do pay and on time. Why do people buy in a community and then not wish to pay for the upkeep. It defies logic in my mind.

Keep your sanity and remember some residents appreciate your time and efforts.

Karensun said:
01 September 2008 @ 18:13

A comment like yours makes it all worthwhile and helps you see through the c*** and carry on. Thankyou.

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