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Living with the Presidente.

A tongue in cheek account of living with the Presidente, OR how to survive and extended 'family' of 183.

Bombing........or just a bomb ? ?
16 August 2008 @ 02:05

I am NOT going down to out Communal pool again. Never, ever, nada.

I was accosted by a massive rubber ring yesterday and when I asked ( nicely ) for them to remove it from the pool I was treated to more swear words than I know myself.

Later the same 'lady' demanded that I remove a sponge ball from the little pool as I had picked on her. I was minding my own business reading my book at the time and had not noticed the offending ball. So I walked down to the little pool with her in hot persuit and lowered my voice and asked the four tots in the pool who belonged to the ball. The unfortunate little lad who was holding it let go sharpish so I gently asked the same question again. Meanwhile the demon ball had lodged itself in the hands of a little girl.
And the 'lady' yelled, don't blame my  ******* daughter, it's not her ******* ball.

 ( here we go again ) So I asked her, did she ( the 'lady' ) did she want the ball out of the pool or not? Don't you talk to my ******* child...........................and on..............and on...................and on..........................................
Stop, says I, enough........................................but she went on.........and on....................and on..............
Right says I, sort it out yourself, BUT, if I see you or yours with an inflatable, a ball or breaking ANY of the Community rules, I shall phone the Guardia.
Oh no you ******* won't she yelled, only the Presidente can do that.
WRONG, says I, just try it and watch me.

Then I went home for a coffee and a cigarette.

Today, I flew in the face of logic and went to the pool again.

Group of early teens, yelling, bombing and jumping in. OK. Explain to the that it is quite dangerous to act in this way and the notices request you do not do this.
'No comprehede', says the biggest off them. 'He don't understand Mrs' says another. But you can read can't you I asked. Course I can. And you can see the pictures? Yeah. So what part of DO NOT JUMP; DO NOT BOMB do you NOTunderstand ? ? ?
He don't understand none of it Mrs, he's Spanish.
Tell him to have a look at the board then because it's WRITTEN IN SPANISH, ENGLISH and GERMAN..................AND, while you're at it, take a look yourself.

Calm...............................for ten minutes.

Enter child about 12 years old, angelic looking with the biggest pair of those 'croc' shoes. No Shower ( of course not ! ! ! ) flings one of his shoes into the crowded pool and flings himself in after it ! ! ! 
I look on in amazement.
He does it again.
I am weary with all this.
I approach him and ask him, a, not to throw his shoes into the pool and b, not to jump in.
He glares at me and shrugs his shoulders and turns away................and..................THROWS BOTH BLOODY SHOES INTO THE POOL and HIMSELF AFTER THEM.
There is a jet of steam coming from my head and it is NOT cigarette smoke. Keep calm Karen.
OK, enough is enough, have another quiet word. The kid promptly sits on the edge of the pool and puts his shoes ON then stands up and jumps in the pool ! ! ! He drags himself and his bloody shoes out of the pool and leaves.

Meanwhile the origional group are eyeing me , obviously waiting for me to leave so I did by the rear gate. As soon as the gate closed, I heard the telltale splash, so I re entered by the top gate and there he was poised for flight again.
Unfortunately he could not regain his balance and he fell in rather ungainly. when he emerged I mentioned Guardia to him and he too made a sharp exit.

I DO NOT want to be a pool policeman.

I shall inform El Presidente that I want my Community Fees reduced because I will NOT be using the pool again.

So, is it BOMBING or shall I use a BOMB ? ? ?


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Julie said:
18 August 2008 @ 10:02

Of course there are community rules designed to look after the whole community, I think it is rather sad and one of the major reasons that I will never ever live on an urbanisation, a pool is meant to be an area of fun and relaxation, children are children they will bomb a pool, jump run and shout, of course they will ignore the rules and try and take inflatables, I do not believe that anybody should use bad language and shout at you, that is completley wrong and should not be tolerated, but surely the rules could be bent and you could turn a blind eye to a few bombs and inflatables, have you forgotten what it is like to be young and to want to enjoy yourself? It seems to me that the majority of people living on urbanisations are pretty miserable as they cannot tolerate noise or they want to make noise and enjoy themselves but cannot due to urbanisation rules. It seems to me that before anybody commits to buying on an urbanisation that they think long and hard as it can mean miserable living for both sides of the fence! Good luck!

Karensun said:
18 August 2008 @ 10:35

Well, that's put me in my place !

Perhaps I have forgotten what it is like to be young and enjoy myself, but with age comes responsibility and I have personally seen the result of accidents in pool areas where rules heve been contravened and INSURANCE has therefore become invalid.

The rule regarding lilos is from the Valencian Government and is enforceable by the police should they catch them in use in Community pools. They will close down the pool for the remainder of the summer and fine the Community of owners.

Turn a blind eye ? When is a rule not a rule ?

If acting in a responsible way towards the Community in which I live makes me 'sad', then so be it.

Phileine said:
18 August 2008 @ 14:27

You're right Karen, don't forget the President is personable liable for any accidents that happen and could have been prevented by sticking to the law.

Like you (vice-presidentes wife), I hardly ever go to the pool anymore. I learned to keep my mouth shut about ballgames or lilo's, but when the other day there were 5 (!) lilo's in our small pool and I politely pointed out the rules, I got sworn at for 10 minutes.
I still go swimming because my little girl wants it so much, but for me the fun has gone out of it.

We are considering hiring a lifeguard for the busy months, who can keep an eye on the pools and make sure it's enjoyable for everyone.

Rex. said:
18 August 2008 @ 14:54

And they wonder why so many Brits abroad turn to alcohol!! Sounds like you need a brandy!!

Roberto said:
18 August 2008 @ 17:54

Thank God Julie will never consider living on an urbanisation. It's people with such an arrogant, irresponsible lack of respect for rules and other people that make life in any community difficult. My God, when I was a kid, if I disobeyed any clear rules I got a clip round the ear from my parents and told to behave. When did parents stop being responsible for their kid's behaviour? Why is it considered wrong to discipline children and to teach them some values and respect. If you or your brats want to behave in a way that not only defies the law and community rules that have been democratically agreed on, but also causes distress to other property owners who just want to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet in their own homes, then why not go play on a beach away from everyone else?
How bloody selfish.

promedia said:
18 August 2008 @ 22:58

karen...we say it time and time again the presidente should be the good cop and the administrator the bad cop. So if these "july August kids" are creating havock put the fees up for the year by 50 euro's an apartment and employ a pool guard for the 2 months to stop this, you dont need the heart attack, verbal abuse and now that you are alady on a mission with a reputation on the complex that now precedes you dont put yourself at risk from a mad mother who has been drinking all day and her sweet poppett has been vandalising anything that moved in the pool area while she has been drinking.

It just isnt worth it!

everyone needs someone like you on their community that has a passion for making your investment and home as nice as possible, but scummy renters have paid there £300 for the week and will do what they want, when they want and they have paid to do it, so dont try and stop them.

Chill out, go to the pool first thing with a concealed sharp implement and puncture all the inflatables left overnight in the water, parents soon get fed up of spending their beer money on buying another, one just for little johnny to burst again, its actually quite funny sometimes to see the parents faces when the second one is deflated!!!

Revenge can be so sweet - its just a matter of staying cool calm and calculated!!!

enjoy your swim tomorrow morning, let us know how many you get, perhaps we could start a league table "Top of the pops"

More said:
19 August 2008 @ 02:21

To Julie ***** ** *** ***** ******** ** *** !!

I support Karen. We have occasional trouble on our community with regards to the pool but, as most non residents don't rent, it's quite peaceful a lot of the time & we stay in the UK in July / August so likely miss the main noise & the irresponsible few.

Julie said:
21 August 2008 @ 21:13

First of all! I stated that I do NOT think any body should be abused! so for having my own opinion thank you for the rude comments! I am merely stating that there are urbanisations where you cannot move for fear of the president reporting you for the smallest misdemeanor! I just think that most children whilst they are on holiday are going to want to use an inflatable or throw a ball around, it just seems that in this day and age children are not allowed to run jump splash or bomb into a pool! Of course if this is becoming dangerous it shouldnt happen and of course if anybody is abusing anybodyelse by swearing or being abusive then they should be asked to leave, also ROBERTO I do belive in discipling my children thank you very much but YOU are probably one of the people that I am trying my best to avoid, YOU have forgotten what it is like to enjoy yourself and to be a child and to enjoy the pool! I am merely trying to point out the not everybody having fun at the pool is necessarily a hooligan as is implied! Also from your very aggressive comments back to me I would imagine that you have plenty to amunition to have a good old moan about the irresponsible english people and thank god I live within a fantastic Spanish community where the children and families are not only tolerated but also liked as your comments about BRATS implies that you really are not keen on children?!!

I am glad that I have opened a can of worms with my comments and I await the abuse that will probably follow this one!! (all very tongue in cheek of course)


Karensun said:
22 August 2008 @ 14:20

Yesterday afternoon I fished out from the swimming pool, a child who had jumped in, fell on top of another child and banged it's head on the concrete pool surround. His parents sat on poolside looking in the opposite direction. I handed over the child to his parents and asked them to keep an eye on him as he had banged his head.
They asked me why I had fetched him out of the pool.
Who was being the responsible one here ? This was not my child and had he not been jumping into the pool, the incident would not have occured.
During August, I do not like my home in the Spanish sun, but for the rest of the year, I love it and my Spanish and English friends.
Our Presidente is not a 'policeman' and HE did not make the rules, the Community of owners did, enforcing those made by the Valencian Government.
If the Law is broken in England and you are caught then you are punished, that is how Laws work, you cannot say, well it was a mistake, just a bit of fun...........if it's against the Law, it's against the Law.

Julie said:
22 August 2008 @ 20:50

If you keep the comments coming we will soon be the most commented on blog! Yea!

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