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If you're fed up and thinking you'll never feel better, maybe its time to talk to us. Ask about our positive thoughts program - you know it makes sense!!
04 August 2009

Yes I know its been ages since I posted but Im here now.  And we've got a website at last - well worth the wait, well we think so!

We've been busy in that we got a small lottery grant to run positve thoughts courses over the last 12mths and we've met some amazing people.  The changes people are able to make are incredible.  You think you're life is stuck but it isn't if you know how to make things more positive.

I plan to give bits about the course on the blog, or also see us on facebook  - positive thinking can seriously improve your health.


And it can!



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I was going to send the tale of the frogs
04 June 2008

I have a wonderful positive thoughts frog story.  I keep it on-line so its easy to get at.  That is, till my computer crashes. So how do I stay calm and positive in the meantime - with difficulty!   But it has made me realise how dependant I have become on cyberspace and decide to try and remedy it in my life.  Not get rid of it, but keep it in proportion.  So something  will come out of the experience that I hope will make life better for me.
And the darling, computer fanatic son will sort it out for me, what a lovely boy!!

ps.  frogs will appear in due course

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Its not always easy to think positive!!
03 June 2008

This morning was not looking good. I  had a meeting with social services which I anticipated was going to be difficult and was mumbling away to myself about it.  Then I took my own advice and thought positive.  What was the worst that could happen?  We'd argue again about the services each thought was needed, then probably reach a compromise.  Or, even better, it would go smoothly and we would all end up friends.  And even if the second outcome didn't occur, me ruminating  about the first would only destroy my peace of mind and the peace of my morning.  So I made a conscious effort to put it to the back of my mind.  And guess what, we all ended up as friends!!

And  either way I had a better morning, a definite win win!!!!

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