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Weird and Wonderful Life

Weird and Wonderful things that I have picked up along the way that can add value to even the most perfect life !

Decisions, Changes, Choices !
12 March 2013 @ 16:48

 Do you love what you do ?

Is life how you want it to be ?
Do you grasp opportunities ?
Taking a chance on something new, can be scary, overwhelming and even difficult !
I know I have done it, I am doing it now !
Chances or risks I have taken in my life are many, I have fallen many times, I have succeeded many time, would I change them, on the whole no ! The choices I have made make me who I am today!  They have led me to here in my life !
Is my life perfect, almost ! Always room for improvement !
Do I love what I do, yes !
What do I do ? I write, I have found a way to tell people about me, in bite size chunks !
Some will like what I write, some will hate it, some will be able to write better than I can and some will not even think if they can do it better than me or not because they don't want to write ! Who cares this is my voice, my stories, my opinion, my life !
The life changing chances I have taken over the course of my 38 years in this World, have been too many to cover in one blog, unless you want to still be reading it tomorrow ! So here are the really big ones ! 
1) At 17 I made the decision to leave home with a fella, and go to work in Blackpool !(I come from the south of England, so about 300miles from home) ! Big !
2) I moved to London with said Fella, found flat, found a career as an Estate Agent.
3) Left said fella, lived on my own in London !
4) Moved in with another Fella
5) Got involved in a religion, that has great teachings, but questionable morals !
6) Parted from second fella, and went to work and live in for that religion !
7) Meet my now husband and ran away from said religion !
8) Relocated in England, twice !
9) Relocated to Rural Spain (with two young children!) Huge risk!
10) Opened a bar in a Spanish village with few English speakers, when couldn't speak Spanish! Mad, Giant risk!
11) After four successful years, made the difficult and large decision to close the bar !
As you can see I have stories to tell and I will be telling them over time !
But so do you !
We are all unique and have a special message to share with the World ! 
I want to know your unique story and if I do, then so do others !
Some people have more or less things they have had to overcome in their lives ! 
Some have taken more chances or risks, made more decisions in life, whilst others have not taken those opportunities ! 
How ever life does tend to throw up challenges we have to deal with, if we want to or not!
For example my beloved Mum was diagnosed with a Brain tumour and died, I didn't choose that hugely life changing event, but I had to deal with it !
I have a friend with a disabled son, she did not choose that, but she has had to deal with it ! 
How could sharing your story help others or just entertain others ? 
Now why am I telling you about all this ?
Well if you look at your own life you will see that everyday, you make decisions big and small, but they all lead you down the path and that path is how you got to where you are today !
These are just some of mine and yes things don't always pan out, but if you want something in your life that you don't yet have, you need to be willing to fall on your face and get up again, until you get it !
If you are 100% happy with every area of your life you have cracked it, keep doing that ! 
If however your not, look at what you want and what you can do to change where you are and do it !
If you want to do something extreme, like bungee jump, go look at how you can do that and make the decision and do it !
I love having this voice and sharing my thoughts with others, if you want to do the same or are ready for a new adventure, want to change something in your life then watch the video to the side >
I did, I took the change, which to be fair is tiny, if you think about all the others I have taken over the years !
Watch and decide, up to you, your life, your choice, your rules ! 
Go for what you want in life no excuses, it is your life, grasp it with both hands, go for it !
Have you watched it yet ? 

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