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Miscellaneous comments of Conveyancing and Renting

A fresh description of the Conveyancing and Renting process in Spain according to the current situation and interesting news about them.

Sustainable Architecture
10 January 2011

Other matter I consider interesting to treat in the same way to the ideas I included in my second blog is the "Sustainable Architecture", a different way of constructing based on the respect to the environment. It helps to reduce the pollution, the emission produced by the industrial buildings and the out of control energy consumption. This type of architecture is based on the suitable management and reutilization of the natural resources as well as on the energetic saving.

The key at the moment of designing sustainable buildings is the aptitude to use fewer materials and better, without losing profitability.

Besides the saving and the environmental benefits, numerous studies have demonstrated the psychological benefits (major productivity, fewer labor falls) that the sustainable buildings reach to whom live in, derived from factors as the renovation of the air, sunlight, etc. Also the managment of the building, the base of that should be according to it.

Spain should improve this kind of architecture because here it is still a very new alternative maybe due to the fact we are very conservative regarding the market and the way of constructing. Apart from that this architecture is more expensive than the conventional one. However our architects and developers should take into account that although the costs are more expensive this investment can be recovered from measures of energetic saving.

In this sense some companies are trying to show and improve this kind of Architecture as an alternative to open a new world for the Spanish market.

Hopefully it will become a new vision of construction for a better future.



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How to be optimistics nowadays to confront the current situation
05 January 2011

I think it is important to be optimistics nowadays to confront the current situation.

With regard to the real-estate situation we can say that in general terms it does not shine particulary at the moment.However if we use "other mirror to look through" we will be able to discover a new view of it.

Legal figures which have not been used very often last years are becoming more and more important. As an example we can mention the rental contract with option to purchase. This is an alternative which can be very convenient for both parts, seller and buyer: for the seller because it is an easier way to give exit to his property or to reduce stock in case of developers. And for the buyer because it allows him to pay a minor monthly expense which suppose "saving money" for the future purchase.In fact these rental expenses will be deducted from the final price. It is an interesting option in front of high interest rates, lack of liquidity and high prices.

This specific contract has got the same structure of a rental contract but with additional clauses regarding the option of purchase:

              - Premium for the option of purchase

    - Price of the purchase

    - Deadline to exercise the option of purchase.

             - Transmission free of rental charges

    - Specific date for the purchase signing

    - Costs and taxes

Apart form that new strategies have arisen to face the drop in the market.Some Banks are trying to get a solution to get rid of their stocks from repossession:Caja Madrid has reached an agreement with the Goverment to rent part of their stock through the SPA (Sociedad Púbica de Alquiler)=(Rental Public Society).  

Maybe we can inspire new legal options for the future. 

We should appeal to the "Goverments imagination".It is time to change the mentality.      

Patricia Medina.


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Hello everybody!
03 January 2011


This is my first blog through which I would like to approach all people who is or could be interested in the Spanish living showing something more about how to get or hire a property and some of the beautiful places of the South of Spain where I live.

I love my country and I would like to show a personalism view about the living here and legal advices about conveyancing and renting process and any other interesting things or news about real estates.

I hope it will be useful an attractive for all who read this blog.

See you tomorrow then!!



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