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Ijust wanted to warn every one about buying furniture off of internet sites without seeing the shop or warehouse first.My husband and i bought our furniture from site which showed some very nice furniture packages

Our furniture
20 June 2008

Hi my husband and i bought our furniture for our apartment in princesa kristina off of the internet. The company were very helpfull and the furniture looked very nice.we paid two instalments and the third was to be paid when the furniture was in. We asked if we couid see the furniture we had ordered when we went over to spain for a few days but was told it had not been bought down to the shop yet from the warehouse. two representatives came to our hotel to meet us but would not let us see their shop .Alarm bells should have told us at this point but we were trusting or stupid .As soon as our apartment was finished i contacted the company to say we were ready for our furniture.The number we had been ringing did now not exist . We made a statement  at Estopona police station and started our detective work trying to trace these rouges.We did not realise at the time but we had paid our 9000 euros by credit card which meant we could claim our lost money back. We did manage to trace these people to the isle of Man.But they are still free to carry on their scam .So beware, we have learnt our lesson and have been very lucky to get our money back. Pam.

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