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Was this a mistake?

Reflections on buying a property a Spain and the dilemmas facing me. Do I keep my tenant; do I pay off my mortagage asap and do I employ Spanish tradespeople or my family to up grade my house?

Was this a mistake? Reflections on buying in Spain.
26 June 2012

I was one of the many who bought a property in Spain in those boon years. In many ways I was lucky; I bought off - plan which could have ended badly, but at least my house was built before the builder went bust, unlike so many who ended up owning a pile of rubble. I only had to fix a few minor things - add a tap to the sink, provide light fittings, set up the cooker and install an outside tap - nothing really.Okay the swimming pool was downgraded to paddling pool size but you can at least cool off in it as long as it's one at a time. And the building, which appeared in the space where there was 'never going to be anything built', obscuring a sea view, didn't obscure my sea view, so, yes, I consider myself very fortunate.

So far, no mistakes, but I seem to have a few dilemmas facing me now. Dilemma one: I decided to rent out my property. I have a long term tenant who pays when she feels like it, which isn't very often. I also pay her electricity and water bills, and time is fast approaching when I will have to terminate her ( not literally, although there have been times when I've been tempted...) Seriously, do other people have these problems with their tenants?

Dilemma two: Do I bust a gut to pay off the mortgage? Transfer it? Bury my head in the sand?

Dilemma three: When I fianlly get my house back I will need to do some work to bathrooms and kitchen. My very capable son, who desperately needs the work, could do it for me, but, where do we buy all the materials, and, morally, shouldn't I be aiming to help Spanish trades people rather than my own flesh and blood?

So,those are my dilemmas. They fortunately, don't keep me awake at night any more, now that I've discovered meditation and Reiki, but that is a whole new story, or maybe another blog?

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