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I will write about computing old and new and endeavor to keep it interesting. However as IT invades our lives then do not be surprised by my digression to rugby and anything else that takes my fancy

IT and Rugby
13 January 2015

So second blog in and I have already reached rugby!  I settled down to watch a top match last week and my first thought was that most of one team had cut themselves shaving. This was clearly wrong as the plaster was behind the ear. Not only that, having played in the front row of the scrum for many years, I can assure anyone that aftershave is the very last thing you get there. At my level you might experience last nights curry and beer mixed with a tinge of halitosis, this as you rub sandpaper jaws cheek by jowl to get the slighest advantage. On reflection much more odor than aroma.

What we have is yet another hi-tec device, this one designed to monitor the impact forces experienced during a match. The statistics will be collected post match and collated to provide valuable data to further study concussion and other stress injuries. All research in this area is welcomed.

As Professional Rugby Union reaches 20 years of age the improved pace and power of the top players is awesome. Two 105 kilo players colliding at 15 kilometers per hour induces a collective intake of breath and a short moment of silence when all the ex-players watching thank the lord they are too old for such things. Then wild applause for the ´´big hit´´. Tribal and gladiatorial are just two of the words I´ve seen used recently to describe these matches.

This maybe true but in the local real world we still find time to buy a beer or two for the opposition, amateur sport demands a post-match analysis as much as the pros. How else would we get the opportunity to relive our triumphs, all the better when viewed through the bottom of a glass. The same glass that turns misty when the conversation moves to missed tackles and dropped passes.

I was once severely told off by our committee for spending all our match subs on beer for a team from an open prison, we had beaten them royally whilst they kicked us all over the park!
Happy days.

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A Dedicated Follower of Fashion
06 January 2015

Me? a DFF ! not since the 60´s when my wine coloured suede jacket with leather edging was considered the epitome of style. Now I find myself gazing at a tasteful blue disc looking like a watch. But much more than that, for this is a wearable ! and fashionable as well - better than the traditional Xmas jumper This tracks steps, distance, time, activity and sleep. A quick double tap on the otherwise blank face will tell me the time in rather nifty leds showing only the relevant hours and minutes, not with useful clear numbers - simply position on the dial. A bit like a sundial really, but that is progress. This, of course, syncs to my smartphone via a great big computer in the sky and I can see trends, progress and historical data. I can join up with friends, not real friends you understand, but other fashion leaders for this is the next big thing. Fitness and fashion - a winning combination.

The down side ? yet more personal data flying around the ether just begging to be linked to FB, twitter or any other social site. How long before an enterprising life assurance company offers a discount for regular exercise ? - montitored and reported by my fashionable friend.

I hope you enjoyed my first blog, thanks for reading

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