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Mo´s life running an Easybuy Franchise in Moraira

We set up the Easybuy Franchise in Moraira just around 12 months ago. The family are settled in Spain and we enjoy the life but its been a difficult year from a business perspective.

Hello 2012
17 January 2012

Well given the current climate we didn´t have a bad 2011,  Easybuy continued to take properties on and achieved sales and our Holiday Villa Rentals did well during the summer. A lot of hard work but worth it.  We have found that a lot of people who have reduced their properties as far as they can have tried Easybuy due to the fact that we won´t charge them commission and this give them an extra 5% to negotiate with. Although it is much quieter there are still buyers about and early signs are the holiday rentals will be busy again this year.

We are still managing to spend time as a family and took a long break over Christmas and new year and were joined by visitors from the Uk who were impressed by the weather which has been very mild for this time of year.  However back to school now and an important year for our eldest who will sit her IGCSE´s and back to work for us and hopefully a good year.



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Summers Over
26 October 2011

Had a busy summer with guests & family and work which has been great. Its quiet again now until returning guests for Christmas.

Our eldest passed her sccoter test and worked hard during summer in the local launderette and is now the proud owner of a scooter which she goes to school on and can get to her friends easily, we´re not a full time taxi service now although we are still required when its rains or when its too dark!!

I´ve travelled around the Northern Costa Blanca quite a bit this year and we´ve put a number of lovely new properties on the market in great locations. We´ve also seen several properties sell including some that have been around a while.  If you want to advertise your property for sale then drop me a note for more information, we don´t charge any commission just an upfront fee and an aministration fee on completion of sale. This can give you more flexibility with your asking price.

We also have had a successful summer rental season in Moraira and Javea.  We´re busy getting ready for next summer and looking for villas for our web site, we advertise for free and then only charge 10% on any confirmed bookings.

Just getting ready for Halloween now, need to get a Devils costume ready for our youngest, can´t believe how much its celebrated here.




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May Already
04 May 2011

Where does the time go,  we came to Spain for a more relaxed lifestyle but I´m not sure we´ve achieved that yet.  March & April were very busy months for us which is good.  Easybuy is a good option when people need to reduced their selling price,  you can deduct another 5% and be no worse off if you sell via Easybuy.  Good news for buyers as well.

Easybuy now covers the Southern & Northern Costa Blanca and has plans to expand further South, buying a Franchise is a good opportunity to start your own business with a known brand but with the flexibility to do other things along side to generate additional income i.e offer Insurance products, Long Term Rentals, Holiday Rentals etc. If you want to know more drop me a note.

The girls are back to school after their Easter break and its not too long before they finish for their summer break of 12 weeks!!.  Hopefully my eldest daughter will be helping out at a friends laundry business as they will be busy with holiday rental linen not sure she realises yet that this will mean fewer days at the beach with her friends!

We´ve had two lots of guests so far this year with more to arrive in June & July, maybe we´ll get to relax in September.



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New Year
02 February 2011

Can´t believe its February already, we have been busy during January with  enquiries, viewings & putting villas and apartments on for sale.  The fact that our sellers pay NO COMMISSION means that they can reflect this in their asking price which is most important in the current climate.  We do have many clients selling and returning to the Uk but also a good number who are wanting to downsize and stay in Spain. We have some lovely properties on our books and at good prices.  Just reduced a 3 bedroomed detached villa, outside Gata to 129,000€, excellent value.

We did take a few days off between Christmas and New Year and  spent a couple of these days in Benidorm which is only 35 minutes South of us but a different world. The weather was good and it was busy, our hotel was full probably 95% Spanish guests and was excellent. We stayed on an "All -Inclusive" basis which was great & good value. We also visited other bars & restaurants that are obviously finding it hard in the current climate.

Our family & friends have their visits booked for 2011 starting iin March and through to Christmas 2011.  So lots to look forward to.

Lets hope the early signs are good and we continue to be busy


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November - Nearly Christmas
09 November 2010

Where did the summer go,  our holiday rentals proved to be a success for or first year and we are busy taking more villas on for summer 2011.   Easybuy has also been busy with lots of properties going on for sale and those who have sold have saved themselves lots in commission, very important in the current financial market.  We´ve had buyers from Norway, Holland, Russia & the UK.   Its a difficult time for people who are trying to sell but pricing realistically & getting the advertising right gives people the best chance.  On the home front, we experienced the Spanish health care after my husband had a nasty accident and had to spend time in intensive care, can´t praise the hospital & staff in Denia enough. They were great and has now recovered. The only complaint would be the lack of parking. They´ve opened a Primark in Elche which is only an hour or so away so my eldest daughter is very happy & it  solves the limited luggage allowance from Rynair when we have her shopping list on our trips back to the UK .  We´re closing for a couple of weeks over Christmas and have friends coming so looking forward to that.

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Summer Already
21 July 2010

Can´t believe its July already, been busy puuting properties on with easybuy and been busy with viewings and selling properties which is good news for home owners.  With no commission charges it does mean that our clients can advertise their properties cheaper.  Have also been busy with our holiday lettings, I run this with my partner Tracy and this fits nicely with the easybuy business.

The girls finished school back in June, Alice is in summer school in Moraira which is great value at only 100€ per month and Megs is at the beach most days.  What a life.

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March !
01 March 2010

Can´t believe that its the first of March already, I´ve added another link to the blog today which is a new web site for holiday lettings. Its still in progress but should be ready this week. This fits nicely with the other activities that we do.  Had a quiet few weeks, the weather hasn´t helped but its the right time of the year to put a property on the market and we are getting a lot of enquiries.  With no commission  to pay our clients can afford the price their properties even more realistically which is good news for buyers who are looking for a good deal.  Its only 250€ to advertise your property via easybuy which can save 1000´s of Euros.

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New Year
13 January 2010

Happy New Year, we had friends over for Christmas & the New year which was great and we took some time away from the office for some quality time as a family. The girls are now back at school and back into a routine.

What will 2010 bring, we experienced a busy period before Christmas with properties coming onboard and a lot of enquiries especially on the properties under 250,000€.  Our part exchange programme is attracting interest and we are continuing to look for opportunities to help our clients make the move either to or from Spain. We now cover the area from Moraira down as far as Benidorm and I´m getting to know the area and what it has to offer prospective buyers. Easybuy have decided to increase their prices from the 21st of January which now means our standard package will cost 250€ + IVA,  however compared to around 5% of the value of a property its still a bargain.  We also arrange long term rentals and I have a waiting list of people looking for properties to rent so I´ll be trying to get properties onto our books that match their criteria.

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The End of Summer
09 September 2009

The girls are now back in school although the youngest is only part time untol October but it does mean that I can concentrate on my "to do" list and not have to juggle childcare & work.

We have been busy over the last few weeks, it seems to be the time of year when people decide to either sell their property or are thinking about a winter let.   Winter lets are ideal and can bring in a regular monthly amount until the season starts again, however most of the people I have wanting a long term let are wanting longer and ideally 11 months. Its a case of matching owners & tenants and ensuring both get want they want from the arrangement.

In terms of selling property we have launched a part exchange programme, many of our customers are looking to move back to the UK and there are people there looking to make the move to Spain.  Again its about matching up the clients and its an alternative approach to helping clients make the move either way. 

It was the first Women in Business meeting this week after their summer break,  someone mentioned Christmas cards and before we know it the year is over.



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School Holidays
27 August 2009

We´re nearing the end of the school holidays so I need to get my 13 yr old back into the routine of getting up in a morning!  The summer school has been great for our 5 year old although with a 2pm finish it has proved difficult at times juggling work & childcare and this will continue for the whole of September as they are part time ( 1pm finish!). Visting friends may find them selves doing a bit of childcare in the afternoons.

It has been great though being able to nip to the beach for a couple of hours in the afternoon and having a swim in the pool whenever we feel like it, work permitting and something we wouldn´t have done in the UK.

It has seemed strange thought being a resident for our first full summer and watching the tourists.


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