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Manzana 3 La Reserva de Marbella

All things about Manzana 3

Property Services in La Reserva de Marbella
12 January 2009

If anyone requires property/care maintainance etc I can recommend.

They look after my property and one or two others on La Reserva and provide a first class service.

Dave Falcon

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The Gardens in la Reserva
04 November 2008

All the rain has made up for the lack of irrigation in some areas. Everything is very green and lush. A lot of work is being carried out by the gardeners who seem to be everywhere. Palm and Banana trees have been trimmed and all the borders are being weeded. IUt should all look great by next summer, a bit more like the "Brochure pictures"

The crossing at the bottom of hill behind the office on the back road to Cabopino is flooded and a police no entry was put up but ignored as usual. It is passable if you know where the holes are, but only with extreme care.


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Very Unusual Weather
31 October 2008

The weather is very changable at the moment with nice sunny days followed by days of High winds an torrential rain.
Many owners are not having their properties regularly checked. There have been several incidents of flood damage caused to unattended properties,sometimes leading to subsequent damage to adjoining properties particularly ones underneath. I learned the hard way.
I recently had to fork out €9500 for damaged caused to the apartment below, simply because the drains on our balcony were blocked up with debris which had not been cleaned out for over a year.
It makes sense to have a key holder to look after your property, You have spent a lot of money to own your La Reserva Property, so a small weekly amount to have it regularly checked and properly looked after seems a sensible option. 

David Falcon

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Broadband in la Reserva
06 October 2008

Wifi broadband is now available in la Reserva. the service is being supplied by: If anyone is already using the service please post and let us all know how it performes.

This blog neither recommends or is responsible for any business connected with the company.

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Vice presidents
06 October 2008

We now have two British Vice Presidents voted in at the AGM.
Tony Keegan and John Pattison.

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This is a test to see what response is generated
03 October 2008

Hi everyone, due to requests from various owners I am having a go at forming this Blog. I will try and keep it up to date with any information I can obtain. Contributions will be gratefuly accepted, (not of the cash kind). 

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