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ACTIN, making changes for animals in Spain.

Animal care Treatment International Network has been set up to make changes for the animals in Spain, who suffer abandonment and cruelty. What we plan to do is to bring awareness of the problems to the world’s media. We need to promote education, new legislation and support neutering campaigns. It is necessary to get support Internationally to put pressure to bear on the Spanish government and to persuade them to take more responsibility for the lack of animal welfare in Spain. ACTIN plans in the future to bring about these changes through media awareness. Actin will tell the truth of how it is on an everyday basis, particularly in the country villages of Murcia, where there is a lot of ignorance and abuse. They will tell of what the volunteers deal with and how the abuse of animals is getting worse. ACTIN will endeavor to bring about campaigns for sterilization and education in schools. There is a need for a Society to protect the animals and this is what ACTIN aim to do in the future but we need much support to achieve our aims.

Mamma Mia & her puppy Toby, need homes
21 October 2012 @ 17:43

Please read about these dogs in the previous post >> 

It's time for these two to go to a forever home. These two were living wild in the campo, Mamma had two pups, Toby and Troy. We tried to catch them for around 12 weeks, Toby was first to be caught, then Troy and many weeks later we managed to get Mamma. They were all extremely frightened and have taken a lot of work to get them socialised.

Toby has really improved, he jumps up to greet me in the mornings and in the last few days started getting on the sofa with us. Mamma is just a lovely girl and very intelligent, she was always friendly but would not let you touch her, she cowers a lot and has clearly been ill treated and dumped in the campo to have her babies. she weighs around 13 kilos now and, because she was treated for Erlichia (she is at the end of her treatment now), she has not yet had all her inoculations. These will be done next week. She is frightened of cats.

Toby has all his inoculations, rabies and passport and chipped. He needs a home with lots of love and other dogs around. He weighs around 5 to 6 kilos and although his body and head look big, he has unusually short legs (like his dad)!! Neither are neutered yet * but will be, as I wanted to wait until they were settled and less can read the story of their rescue on   ... please help me find them homes .. thank you. Obviously they would love to stay together but we, at ACTIN, realise this likely will not happen.

* UPDATED: Toby is being castrated on 20th November.

BELOW: Mamma Mia


Both Toby & Mamma have been socialising with more people & loving it. 

See Mamma Mia walking on her lead, an achievement.

    Troy is the slightly bigger puppy and he was the most nervous of the 3, so Actin have put him in foster care with a lady who is good with dog behaviour problems.

Toby had been rehomed 2 wks ago but hid under the sofa or the bed the whole time, as he was frightened with no other dogs around him but now he has so much more confidence. He was there for a week and has been back with Actin a week today and he was so happy to be back with his mum & friends.

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Below: Toby trying to get a cuddle from Pati.

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