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ACTIN, making changes for animals in Spain.

Animal care Treatment International Network has been set up to make changes for the animals in Spain, who suffer abandonment and cruelty. What we plan to do is to bring awareness of the problems to the world’s media. We need to promote education, new legislation and support neutering campaigns. It is necessary to get support Internationally to put pressure to bear on the Spanish government and to persuade them to take more responsibility for the lack of animal welfare in Spain. ACTIN plans in the future to bring about these changes through media awareness. Actin will tell the truth of how it is on an everyday basis, particularly in the country villages of Murcia, where there is a lot of ignorance and abuse. They will tell of what the volunteers deal with and how the abuse of animals is getting worse. ACTIN will endeavor to bring about campaigns for sterilization and education in schools. There is a need for a Society to protect the animals and this is what ACTIN aim to do in the future but we need much support to achieve our aims.

22 December 2013 @ 12:58

Continuing on from the previous posting, see here


These pups have been saved from such a horrible time. All were in a disgusting pound, without their mothers care or attention and would certainly have died. The freezing cold water sprayed on them on the days when the cages were cleaned, was terrible enough. They had been left to shiver and shake soaked to the skin and having to fight for food, as they were left in cages with adult dogs. 

We only got to see these pups by a sheer fluke and had to get them out. They are all now in quarantine, as some have died and some have already got through the worse. 

Our puppies will be available for adoption in 3 weeks. If you cannot adopt but would like to help us with the huge veterinary bills, you can donate to PayPal or on our page here on the website, thank you .

Here are some photos from the recent rescue of all the pups from the bad pound. One of the pups has been lost to Parvo and two more have survived Parvo. They will be taken to the vets tomorrow as they are bloated, likely need worming.

Below: Freda has just recovered from Parvo

Below: Fritz also has just recovered from Parvo

  27/12. Beth..below .. has left hospital having beaten Parvo.

  Mari..below .. lost her fight today, 23rd December 

  Savi..below .. lost his fight today too, 23rd December 

  27/12. Joe ..below .. has left hospital having beaten Parvo.


  27/12. Jes ..below .. has left hospital having beaten Parvo.

  27/12 Below: Cody has a loving home now.

Below: At the time of initial post Hazel was not well at all.  

  She was hospitalised but sadly passed away 30th December.










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Jeannie vile said:
22 December 2013 @ 15:04

It makes me sooo angry. A good program of spaying and dog registration would do good. This surely can't go on!

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