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ACTIN, making changes for animals in Spain.

Animal care Treatment International Network has been set up to make changes for the animals in Spain, who suffer abandonment and cruelty. What we plan to do is to bring awareness of the problems to the world’s media. We need to promote education, new legislation and support neutering campaigns. It is necessary to get support Internationally to put pressure to bear on the Spanish government and to persuade them to take more responsibility for the lack of animal welfare in Spain. ACTIN plans in the future to bring about these changes through media awareness. Actin will tell the truth of how it is on an everyday basis, particularly in the country villages of Murcia, where there is a lot of ignorance and abuse. They will tell of what the volunteers deal with and how the abuse of animals is getting worse. ACTIN will endeavor to bring about campaigns for sterilization and education in schools. There is a need for a Society to protect the animals and this is what ACTIN aim to do in the future but we need much support to achieve our aims.

Auschwitz for dogs and cats?
13 December 2013 @ 11:07

Council run Perreras/pounds have been a cause of upset for many anguished rescuers and animal welfare Associations, who worry for the welfare of animals who end up in these places. Some are run by the Town halls and usually pay contractors to collect the dogs and a vet to work within the pound. Others can actually be run by private company’s that have won the contract with the Town hall, they are usually the worse, as they are doing it to make money. They could be involved in many other things, fertilizers, garden equipment all kinds of things, so what qualifies them to run a dog and cat pound?

The best run pounds are the ones taken care of by animal welfare Associations, or Protectoras, but they are still limited by funds and space and of course they have to take in all the animals that are brought into them and if they go over the numbers that the council have stipulated, animals will be put to sleep. The ones that are run by private companies can be a law unto their own…we cannot say they are all bad, as we don’t know that, but we do know for sure that many are not up to standard and are run by un-qualified workers who have no care, or kindness, or experience. Profit is their bottom line.

In Murcia there is one such pound which we have received complaints and concerns about for many months, it isn’t open to the public, no-one knows what happens with the dogs, yet the cages are in full view of the public!!  It is not a well-known one on social networking, where a lot of pound volunteers share the  dogs to be adopted; on the contrary, it has been very much under the radar, probably due to its many illegal activities and atrocities towards the animals.

On investigation since July this year, we have discovered some terrible things, photos showing things clearly are not right…witnesses have been speaking about actions that we cannot even mention, as they are too horrible. Other stories are that people lose their dogs that are micro-chipped and find them there…in bad conditions and have to pay huge sums to get them released back into the care of the owner. How many lost dogs there did not get discovered by their owners? Trying to get to enquire if there is a lost dog in this place is almost impossible, you cannot get an appointment to visit and have to take pot luck that the worker maybe there cleaning the kennels, that is if its not at a weekend. Last weekend we know for sure that no-one went there for about three days and one of our members was personal witness to that.

The biggest worry with any pound, is whether the dogs are put to sleep kindly and humanely? Judging by the rest of the things going on here, we doubt it.

For legal reasons we cannot give full details of all the accounts and what has occurred here, or the address, but we are doing our best, along with another association who are working hard on this. Our legal team is working on the case, to get the truth uncovered and have it investigated and closed down. Yesterday we put in many denuncias along with others.

As an Actin member, you can be privvy to information that will be provided of the progress . We need funds for legal fees and becoming a member helps and assists our legal fund.

We will not sleep properly until the horrible and heinous activities towards innocent and already sad and abandoned animals in this place are stopped…

Perhaps if this is successful, other bad pounds will look at the way their own unlawful practices and do something about it, if they don’t, then Actin will.


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ACTIN have an Amazon wish list for anyone who would care to help in this way. Thanks in advance.

if anyone wants more information you are welcome to email ACTIN here ..


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