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23 January 2013

I was assaulted by hunters in front of my house. I was injured and called the police naturally,btw Ive lived here for the last 13 years without any problems whatsoever. The reason this happened is because hunters would congregate in a parking next to my finca. I stepped out of my walled estate to see what was happening as there was a huge commotion. At that point I saw and started to talk with one of the hunters I knew (he had installed a window before in our house) and he made a rather cheesy remark that followed by a rude insult on my behalf. The hunter then procceded to kick me at which point I returned to my house to call the police. The police came and I then went to the hospital to get a lesiones report which I would need to testify that I was injured/assaulted as I would be going to the police station to state what happened. I was kicked two times by this man. Three months late came the case in which all of the hunters lied on stand stating that this person didn t assault me even though it was clear from the hospital report that he did. Anyways not guilty on the hunters part and Ive been made to pay 50 euros fine for insults made after being beat up plus court costs. Moral of story if getting robbed or beat up here you will have no rights and you might just be made to pay for someting ludicrous and unreasonable.

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