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Will we live the dream?

My dream of owning a place in Spain is coming true after ten years in the planning.......This is what's happening!

I must be living in cloud cuckoo land!
17 March 2016

So I disappeared for a while, sorry!

We have bought a lovely apartment....The next step was to get some furniture.  So we booked two weeks in February to get out and get it furnished.  I thought that one week to furnish and then the second week to really enjoy our new home, how wrong was I! 

So we hired a van for this trip...a Belingo, so that we could buy and move what we wanted.  When we collected the van, we had been given a great Mercedes Vito automatic, which turned out to be a god send as we could colapse the seats and load it to the roof!

Off we went and bought up everything we needed.  The first essential was a bed to sleep on for our fortnight and we were lucky enough to find a brand new bed and they could deliver later that day, result :-)

It was my worst nightmare doing all of this shopping, but before we flew to Spain, I wrote a list of everything we had in our house in Cumbria and took it with me everywhere we went, slowly ticking off each item.  TWO WHOLE WEEKS later we had done it!  On our last day we managed to find our dining table and chairs and we were all set.

We sat down and enjoyed what we had achieved with a bottle of champagne on our balcony enjoying the sunshine and beautiful views. 

The next day we left our new home behind to head back to Cumbria.

Now it really was a reality, I had grown up and bought some property that I had to look after and pay the bills!


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Spain, The Weather and no rose tinted spectacles (Or Sunglasses)!
24 January 2013

So I took my Mam and Dad with me to keep me grounded and just bounce things off them.  I also thought that they would enjoy a couple of days in Sunny Spain!

When we landed it was chucking it down, but I still had a smile on my face and was very thankful that at the last minute I had packed my raincoat  (I also packed my flip flops haha.

I immediately felt at home the moment we got on the motorway and was so excited to be looking at this property I had found. It was the only one I had arranged to see.  We were staying only two streets away on the same urbanisation so it was great because we could have a little peek on the day we arrived rather than seeing it with the agent first.

I was in .

It was in a great place, not the street I had thought, but in fact IMO a better place.  It looked clean from the outside, so no painting needed there!

Off we trotted to dump our cases and rush back again to meet the agent.  It was hammering it down - we were totally drenched and the agent was 15 minutes late.  I said to Mam & Dad that at least I wouldn't just buy it because it was hot and sunny and not really think about the decision

We had a look around once the agent arrived and it was really great with excellent far reaching views and the place just had a great feeling to it, and even Mam & Dad were impressed!

Once we left, we wandered down to the bar to have something to eat and a drink before I met the solicitor.  ( I had arranged this before we went out, just in case I did buy, as I had only four days in Spain). As we wandered to the bar I was just thinking about what I had seen and how I felt and Dad asked me if I thought I would buy it......

Who was I kidding, I already knew that I was before I flew to Spain   I just wanted to check out the location and see what the condition was before I went ahead.

So that was it, I met the solicitor and he put in my offer and it was accepted. I spent the next two days going back to the apartment and checking it out again!  and filling in paperwork, meeting notary's and all sorts of other bits.

We did manage half a day in Torrevieja wandering round and the sun actually came out! And we did manage to eat in a few lovely places whilst we were out..........

The sun was shining brightly......and we were getting on our flight home




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The Start of it all.......My Mam and Ebay!
21 January 2013

I stayed in La Marina roughly ten years ago for a two week holiday, which then turned into an obsession with the surrounding areas and holidaying there for the next ten years.

We travelled all around the area and each year stayed in a different area, in different types of villas and apartments.  This turned out to be a great idea as we really did find the best place to buy (Both area and type of building!).

I have spent the last five ish years writing down all the information I thought I would need, reading everything I could about buying property and writing that down too!  I have so many estate agents on my favourites it was getting crazy. I trawled the net searching for that perfect property but to no avail.  So we just kept going on holiday.

I had a few places saved on my ebay which I kept updating when I found something else I liked the look of, but then I got distracted by work and deleted them all off and left it for about six months.

One day I went on ebay and saved in my watch list was this property in Torremendo which I thought Ian my partner had saved  in there, so I had a bit of a look at it but it wasn't for me.  I clicked on the link to the agents site and had a look at what was available and to my surprise there was an apartment in an area we liked and had stayed in before.

I had sold my Motorhome and the money was burning a hole in my pocket!

I rang the agent and talked about the property and what was expected and within a couple of hours I had arranged a flight to Spain to view the property.

I flew out the following week, 14th November, with my Mam and Dad as my partner couldn't come with me and I needed someone there to reassure me and make sure I wasn't letting my heart rule my head.

Well when we arrived it chucked it down for the entire time and we were told it was the worst weather they had had in ages ........



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