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How an Important Litter problem has been solved.

How they've missed the whole point of the UK litter laws.

How to solve a Litter problem!
27 October 2010



Just back from ‘Sunny Shropshire’ well, no actually, it was very cold and very wet. Anyway, now that Nanny has made it a hanging offence to smoke almost anywhere indoors you now come across small groups of people standing around outside public buildings, office blocks, restaurants and pubs etc. usually in the rain, having a quiet smoke. This has apparently led to an increase in the number of cigarette ends being deposited on the pavements and in the gutters (NO! Surprise, Surprise!), whereas in the good old days you would be smoking near an ash tray so the problem didn’t arise.


However, instead of supplying more litter bins complete with ash trays such as you see here in Spain, the local worthy Burghers have come up with a brilliant alternative. They’ve actually passed a law making it an offence to throw away your cigarette butt! (Probably one of the three thousand or more new laws brought in during Labour’s thirteen years of mismanagement – did any of them make Britain a better, safer place to live – obviously not.) A warning to this effect is bolted to every lamppost advising that non-compliance will lead to a fine of between 80 and 100 pounds sterling. (The latter probably for Super Kingsize!).


It certainly seems to be working as I must admit I didn’t see one dog-end but then with all the McDonalds cartons, KFC boxes, fish & chip papers, half eaten bits of burger buns, chips, chicken bones and various other detritus piled on the ground I couldn’t even see the ruddy pavement.


They definitely seem to have their priorities scrambled in the good old UK!!!


Discrimination against anybody due to their Race, Religion, Colour, Sex, Age or Disability is illegal, unless, of course they happen to be a ‘Smoker’, then this completely nullifies their human rights.




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