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Multi million euro company has ruined our lives

Over four years of stress and finanancial hardship we have endured, why wont Parador/Polaris give me back my money ,i am now able after 4 years to afford a solicitor and will sue them for All our money back with Costs .I have been fair with Polaris i understand they may have had costs thats why i said to them give me back at least 3/4 .We have nothing to show for our Euros 66,000,we didnt complete because we were conned to start with .We told the rep what we required ,near the sea etc.During the build i was told at any time we would be able to see the progress i was fobbed off all the time ,in the end i went over to their head office .Nobody was aware i was arriving i was given directions to my horror it was EXACTLY what we didnot want no where near the sea .Anyway if anybody from Parador looks at my blog and would like to contact me and discuss when they will give me back at least 3,4 of my money i will stop the court proceedings ,they will be paying out far more than the EUROS 66,000 they owe me .I am retireing in a couple of years and still would like to retire to Spain it had put us off but we know not every one is the same we have made lovely friends in the years we have been going over.

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