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nightmareof a first time buyer

being of sound mind well i thought that at the time.I believed life experiences had made me nobodys fool! think again.I was first befriended as in when you come over to your apartment we can meet up become friends.Well they really are anice couple just like us really helpful and would not mislead us in the buying process.They know i am disabled and have special needs.Think again!

returning to spain completion in sight
02 June 2008

it has now been 2 years near enough since we purchased apartment of plan in san miguel.Problems aplenty obstacles aplenty and broken promises again and again from builder.At times it felt like a dream that we would never get our apartment.It is ready now but promises of pool still have not materialised in writing.Hoping it will not be long if builder gets pressured from other buyers that pool will become a reality.So if you have bought of plan on princesa angelina in san miguel de salinas please use your voice and money power to demand a pool asap! We go next week to comlete and will not be able to truly believe it is finished til i see it with my own eyes.Really the shine and excitement gets eroded with every let down you receive from agent or builder.Hoping to regain my zest for spain when i have definitely moved into home!Then i can confidently say to my friends and family MI CASA SU CASA!

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